YITH Gift Cards Premium 3.7.0


Sell gift cards in your shop to increase your earnings and attract new customers.your will increase your conversions during the holidays allowing your customers to give gifts to friends and relatives without stressing out to search for specific products (everyone loves gift cards and for this reason, 98% of the stores sells them for a turnover of 100 trillion dollars per year!).

Version: 3.7.0

Developer: Yith

Updated: November 25, 2021

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YITH Gift Cards Premium Features

Create one or more physical gift cards with one or more fixed amounts
Create one or more virtual gift cards
Allow users to insert the gift card amount
Set a minimum amount that users can enter on a gift card
Choose a different image for each gift card
Choose if and where to show the shop logo on the gift card
Offer a percent discount on the gift card price
Choose the action to trigger when the gift card order gets the “Cancelled” status or it is refunded
Create a gallery of images that could be associated with gift cards during the purchase
Sell physical gift cards
Show the ‘apply gift card code’ form on different places on the Cart and Checkout page
Enable an option so users can enter the gift card code into the standard coupon code field
Enable an optional QR code in gift cards
Verify the email sending status of the gift code
Send the gift card code or a link manually in case of error
Attach a PDF to gift card email
Disable the gift card manually
Verify the original amount and current balance of each gift card
Give a gift coupon linked to a specific product of the shop
Disable ‘Gift this product’ option on a product basis New
Create the gift cards from the backend
Edit the gift card details from the backend
Update the gift card balance from the backend without creating a new order
Manage the stock of “Gift Card” products
Override the default templates of the gift card sent by email
Set the expiration date for the gift card
Set a minimum requested amount in the cart to apply the gift card
Show the email address linked to each gift card on the Cart page
Integration with WC Smart Coupons: convert Store Credit / Gift Certificate coupons created with it into new Gift Cards
Enter the sender’s name and a customized message
Specify more recipients for the same gift card type
Choose a delivery date for the gift card
Choose the gift card image from the gallery
Upload a custom image or photo to customize the gift card
Receive an email when the purchased gift card is used
Purchase a gift coupon suggesting a specific product of the shop: the coupon will be of the same value of the product and it will be recommended in the email
Verify the status and the amount of the gift cards he/she owns


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YITH Gift Cards Premium
YITH Gift Cards Premium 3.7.0



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