Wordfence Security Premium
Wordfence Security Premium 7.11.5

Original price was: €102.00.Current price is: €4.50.

Original price was: €102.00.Current price is: €4.50.

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Wordfence Security Premium 7.11.5

(7 customer reviews)

Original price was: €102.00.Current price is: €4.50.

Wordfence Security Premium, an all-encompassing security solution meticulously designed for WordPress websites, serves as an exceedingly robust plugin that provides unparalleled safeguarding measures against an array of malevolent threats including malware, hacking endeavors, and various other forms of malicious activity. This extraordinary plugin boasts a multitude of cutting-edge features, such as the highly effective firewall protection, the unparalleled real-time threat defense mechanism, and the meticulously thorough malware scans. Not only does Wordfence Security Premium effectively fortify your website’s defenses, but it also guarantees the safety and well-being of your esteemed visitors. Moreover, this exceptional security solution goes above and beyond by offering advanced functionalities like the highly secure Two-Factor Authentication, the indispensable Country Blocking feature, and the essential Password Auditing capability, thereby taking security to an entirely new echelon.

Version: 7.11.5
Developer: Wordfence

Updated: April 3, 2024

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Wordfence Security Premium Features

Wordfence Security Premium, a highly effective security solution designed specifically for WordPress websites, offers an extensive range of protective measures. By integrating an advanced firewall system and a sophisticated malware scanner, this plugin ensures optimal defense against the ever-evolving strategies employed by hackers and other nefarious individuals seeking to compromise website security. In addition to these fundamental features, Wordfence Security Premium boasts an impressive array of supplementary functionalities, including real-time monitoring capabilities, two-factor authentication, and the ability to block access from specific countries. These invaluable tools empower website owners to proactively safeguard their online platforms, preempting potential security breaches and fortifying their digital fortresses. Furthermore, the plugin’s sophisticated architecture encompasses a meticulously detailed activity log, affording website administrators unparalleled oversight over user interactions and facilitating the prompt identification of any suspicious or unauthorized activities. In essence, it becomes abundantly clear that Wordfence Security Premium transcends the realm of optional enhancements, emerging as an indispensable component for any discerning WordPress site owner committed to maintaining the utmost levels of safety and security.

  • Comprehensive security measures for WordPress websites
  • Advanced threat detection and prevention
  • Security scanning for vulnerabilities, malicious code, and infections
  • Firewall protection against hack attempts and DDoS attacks
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts for suspicious activity
  • Two-factor authentication for added login security
  • Access to country blocking and IP whitelisting/blacklisting
  • Scheduled scans and immediate scan-on-demand options
  • Integration with popular third-party security services
  • Support for multiple websites and multi-site networks

7 reviews for Wordfence Security Premium 7.11.5

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    (7 customer reviews)
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  2. ndivhuwo (verified owner)

    This product worked as expected, and thanks to support, for your assistance. Very quick and responsive.

  3. Cornelius (verified owner)

    I am a developer. All my production sites have WordFence (paid). My development sites get hacked on a continual basis, but I cannot afford WordFence for every development site. Thank yoy for the GPL-Love version. Now I can afford to protect my development sites. It works perfectly.

  4. Subho (verified owner)

    Awesome plugin and awesome service 😍 i ran it on my website and it working perfectly.

  5. Issa (verified owner)

    It works perfectly as expected

  6. Ilias (verified owner)

    Very Good !!!

  7. Se (verified owner)


  8. Şükrü (verified owner)

    Eklenti gayet güzel çalışıyor ancak kurulumu bitir uyarısı veriyor yani lisansı gir diyor. Eklenti üzerinde lisans girmeden bir işlem yapılmıyor ama eklenti kendi ayarlarında gayet güzel çalışıyor.

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