WooCommerce Extra Product Options 5.1

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With the WooCommerce Extra Product Options, you can create additional price fields on your products. You will find checkboxes, radio buttons, select boxes, text fields, input fields, upload, date, selector field and color picker in the current version.

Version: 5.1

Developer: Codecanyon

Updated: June 20, 2021

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WooCommerce Extra Product Options Features

Meet one of the most sold WooCommerce Extensions – WooCommerce Extra Product Options

Does your WooCommerce products’ current functionality satisfy your needs? Do you want to include Conditional Logic in your forms? Do you need more price options to attract attention to your shoppers? Extra Product Options is the best plugin you search for in the WordPress product. It offers price options and add-ons for your products. Including unique features like, conditional logic (in the form building), form building, style and validating features. Convert the variation attributes to radio buttons, picture swatches and much more.

With Form Builder, you may even check the positioning of your new fields. Checkbox support, radio buttons, box selecting, text areas, input boxing, upload, date picker, color picker and date picker.
Prices for individual product options may vary depending on the variation chosen. This extension offers everything you need to run your business through your WooCommerce store. Sell extra Options to your customers, such a special tailored packaging by asking your customers name and color options for the wrapping paper. Or offer extra services for your products. One specialty of WooCommerce Extra Product Options is that you can use entire products as an extra option. Not to forget that’s this plugin also enables you to customize your extra options with formulas, which gives you a sheer endless amount of possibilities. You would think that this functionality comes at the price of speed. But not with this plugin. It is highly optimized and only loads what is absolutely necessary to keep your Website fast.

  • Options that globally enabled.
  • Builder of Form Fields.
  • Display your choice anywhere on the product page. Enable the roles-specific options. There is a choice between a fixed and a percentage price increase. Check-box selection is limited.
  • Check-boxes have an exact selection feature. Functions can be imported and exported to forms. Lazy Load images for radios and checkboxes. For radios and checkboxes, change the product image. Text-fields and text-areas are charged on a per-character basis. Radios and checkboxes have been given additional styling. Performance improves when there are numerous options. On Global Options, an image replaces the checkboxes and radio button. Select the grid display for checkboxes and the radio button display for Global Options. Prices can be hidden or displayed. Show section options as a pop-up
  • Conditional logic for form builder fields and sections. Sections can be displayed in a variety of ways, including as a pop up or a slider. Manager of uploads Documentation is extensive.

1 review for WooCommerce Extra Product Options 5.1

  1. Tim (verified owner)

    a fantastic plugin with tons of options easy set up

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WooCommerce Extra Product Options
WooCommerce Extra Product Options 5.1



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