YITH Social Login Premium
YITH Social Login Premium 1.37.0

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YITH Social Login Premium 1.37.0

Original price was: $57.00.Current price is: $3.99.

YITH Social Login Premium, a highly robust WordPress plugin, empowers website visitors by granting them the ability to utilize their social media accounts, including but not limited to Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others, for logging in. This plugin bestows upon users the convenience of swiftly and easily executing social login functionality, thereby enabling them to effortlessly register, sign in, and disseminate your website’s content without the arduous task of recalling their login particulars. Moreover, this plugin also presents an utterly untroublesome means of constructing your email listings, while concurrently fostering an environment that encourages visitors to establish and sustain a connection with your esteemed website. By streamlining the registration process, augmenting conversion rates, and enhancing user experience, YITH Social Login Premium undoubtedly amplifies the overall efficacy of your esteemed website.

The developer changed their pricing strategy, which lead to a significant price hike. Based on this we are not able to guarantee future updates for all of its products. We are trying to keep updating selected versions. Therefore we recommend the use of alternative plugins from other developers.

Version: 1.37.0
Developer: Yith

Updated: February 26, 2024

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YITH Social Login Premium Features

YITH Social Login Premium, an incredibly robust tool, presents a multitude of benefits by allowing your esteemed clientele to effortlessly login and register on your esteemed website through the utilization of their respected social media accounts. By employing this ingenious plugin, you can effectively augment customer engagement levels while simultaneously streamlining the often tedious registration process, thereby rendering it effortless for your patrons to not only complete purchases, but also interact with your esteemed brand. Furthermore, this exceptional plugin boasts seamless compatibility with a vast array of popular social media platforms, encompassing the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, and LinkedIn, thus affording your esteemed clientele the unparalleled freedom to choose the option that best suits their esteemed needs. Moreover, this extraordinarily innovative plugin is astoundingly user-friendly, enabling you to seamlessly install and personalize it to your exact specifications, all without necessitating any extensive knowledge or expertise in the realm of coding. Regardless of whether you preside over an esteemed online store or a content-centric website, the acquisition of YITH Social Login Premium undeniably represents a paramount necessity in your quest to enhance customer experience and propel conversions to astronomical proportions.

  • Effortlessly integrate social login options into your website
  • Provides a streamlined and easy-to-use login process for your customers
  • Supports over 45 social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Google
  • Eliminates the need for customers to create new accounts and remember login credentials
  • Improves user experience by allowing customers to quickly and easily access your website using their preferred social media account
  • Provides a customizable login button with a variety of styling options to match your website’s look and feel
  • Offers the ability to disable social networks that you don’t want to support
  • Comes with detailed documentation and support to ensure smooth integration into your website


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