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YITH Popup Premium
YITH Popup Premium 1.5.2



YITH Popup Premium 1.5.2


set up and customize an effective popup on your e-commerce to promote offers and suggest products. your will be able to use a popup to highlight offers, promotions, and news related to your products. your will be able to choose when showing the popup (when loading the page, on a specific condition, when a user is about to leave your e-commerce, etc.). your will be able to create your mailing list encouraging users to insert their email address in a form within the popup in exchange of a coupon or a gift.

The developer changed their pricing strategy, which lead to a significant price hike. Based on this we are not able to guarantee future updates for all of its products. We are trying to keep updating selected versions. Therefore we recommend the use of alternative plugins from other developers.

Version: 1.5.2

Developer: Yith

Updated: March 13, 2021

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YITH Popup Premium Features

  • Default popup for all pages
  • Show/hide popup on mobile
  • Users can decide not to see the popup again through a “Hide popup” checkbox
  • Choose between 2 different types of content (newsletter, WooCommerce)
  • Customise popup layout
  • Custom “close” button for your popup
  • Choose among 2 custom textareas to enter your CSS and JavaScript code
  • Set your popup directly from your site pages
  • Choose among 5 different types of content (textual, newsletter, form, WooCommerce, social)
  • Set the position for your popup
  • Set the exact moment for the popup to appear
  • Delay time for the popup to be shown to users
  • Custom “close” button for your popup
  • Choose among 2 custom textareas to enter your CSS and JavaScript code


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