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WPMU DEV WP Smush Pro 3.12.3



WPMU DEV WP Smush Pro 3.12.3

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Looking to optimize your website without having to sacrifice on the quality of your design? Then Smush Pro by WPMU Dev is the perfect solution for you. This WordPress image optimizer plugin will allow you to resize your images without affecting its quality. Nowadays, where good SEO is crucial when generating more traffic, a fast website is a must-have. Smush pro enables you to compress your images more than 2x without any loss of quality. Bulk compress images automatically, so your website is always at its fastest speed. On top of that you get access to Smush Pro’s worldwide CDN network to load images even more efficiently. Other great features include original image backup, auto-convert PNG to JPEG and lazy loading.

Note: Features which need thridparty serverside processing are not included.

Version: 3.12.3

Developer: WPMU

Updated: October 25, 2022

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WPMU DEV WP Smush Pro Features

The easiest way to speed up your website and optimize your SEO instantly

WPMU’s WP Smush Pro is a great optimization tool that comes with tons of features that will improve your Google PageSpeed instantly. Add as many images as you want and leave a stunning first impression without worry. Easily resize, scale, backup and load all your images with Smush Pro. Let’s go through each feature this WordPress image optimizer has to offer:
2x compression with Super-Smush – While you can opt for a lossless compression with the free version of Smush. Its pro version allows you compress even more! If you wish to compress large images or want to significantly save on bandwidth, this is a must-have feature. Images will be compressed up to twice its original size!
Compress unlimited amounts of images in bulk – Optimize as many images you want with a single click.

Get access to the Smush Pro CDN (not included in the plugin, this is an extra service which has to be purchased) – Once you’ve enabled this feature, your images will be loaded from servers all over the world. Smush Pro gives you access to its 45 CDN servers across the globe to ensure your website gets loaded with the fastest speed possible.
WebP Integration – Serve images even faster using the WebP support Smush Pro offers you. This is a streamlined file format that makes images 25% smaller. However, make sure CDN is enabled if you want to use this feature.
Auto-convert PNG to JPEG – Convert PNG files to JPEG instantly without having to sacrifice on image quality.
Lazy loading – Reduce initial page loading time by preventing images that are off-screen to load.
Directory Smush – By default, Smush Pro will only compress images in the WordPress uploads directory. But with Directory Smush you can select specific directories you also wish to have compressed.

Smush Pro offers a clean interface with great integration

Upon installing the plugin, you will notice a new tab appear on your WordPress dashboard named ‘Smush Pro’. Here you will find all the above-mentioned tools, and you will be able to easily toggle on and off and select the tools you need. Smush Pro’s user-friendly interface is easy to navigate and setup.
Besides its easy interface, Smush Pro also works really well together with Gutenberg, WPBakery, Amazon S3 and NextGen Gallery.

  • Unlimited Bulk Smush
  • Super Smush Resize Images – Set max width and height and automatically scale your images
  • Restore Originals – retrieve your original images with a single click
  • Auto-Smush – automatically compress all images on your website
  • Keep EXIF Data – a great feature for photographers who want to keep their metadata
  • Convert PNG to Lossy JPEG
  • Compress Big Files – optimise images up to 32 MB!
  • Directory Smush – Optimize images outside of the media directory
  • S3 Cloud Smush – Compress your S3 Cloud-based media library
  • Image CDN – Load images directly from the 45 powerful WPMU CDN’s
  • WebP Conversion – Convert your images them to this new generation format and save even more on image size (extra service which needs to be purchased)
  • Wrong Size Detection – Get noticed when images don’t match their respective container

2 reviews for WPMU DEV WP Smush Pro 3.12.3

  1. Daniel (verified owner)

    Awesome product

  2. Issa (verified owner)

    Awesome and working as expected

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