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WPMU DEV Snapshot Pro 4.20.0


WPMU DEV Snapshot Pro, deemed as the ultimate backup and restoration plugin for WordPress websites, offers an array of functionalities to ensure the comprehensive safeguarding and retrieval of your website’s entirety. This encompasses not only all files, database tables, and settings but also extends to the provision of effortless creation and scheduling of backups. Furthermore, the option to store backups either locally or in secure cloud storage further bolsters the convenience and reliability of preserving your website’s integrity. In the eventuality of any unforeseen predicaments, the seamless restoration process facilitated by the one-click restoration feature, coupled with the automatic backups and customizable backup schedules, further solidifies Snapshot Pro’s standing as the quintessential solution for website owners yearning for the serene reassurance and security it affords.

Version: 4.20.0
Developer: WPMU

Updated: October 5, 2023

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WPMU DEV Snapshot Pro Features

WPMU DEV Snapshot Pro, a remarkably robust and efficient backup and restore plugin purposefully crafted for WordPress websites, boasts an array of impressive features. This plugin empowers users to effortlessly generate comprehensive backups of their websites and effortlessly restore them with the mere click of a button. Moreover, it facilitates the establishment of automated backups, as well as manual backups, thereby ensuring the utmost safety and security of all data. Additionally, its compatibility with various cloud storage services such as Amazon S3, Google Drive, and Dropbox renders the storage of backups in the cloud an effortless endeavor. Notably, WPMU DEV Snapshot Pro is renowned for its user-friendly nature and is equipped with a multitude of features that aid website owners in preserving the integrity of their invaluable website data. Regardless of whether you are a neophyte or seasoned developer, this plugin is an invaluable asset that effectively shields your website from the perils of data loss and guarantees its uninterrupted functionality, even during the most dire of circumstances.

  • Effortlessly backup WordPress sites using Snapshot Pro
  • Create manual or scheduled backups to ensure data security
  • Restore sites quickly and easily with just a few clicks
  • Use Snapshot Pro’s migration feature to move sites between hosts or domains
  • Choose from several storage locations including local servers, remote locations, or cloud services
  • Customize backup settings to exclude unnecessary files or directories
  • Monitor backup progress with real-time progress bars
  • Get email notifications when backups complete or fail
  • View and manage backups from a centralized dashboard
  • Enjoy automatic updates and 24/7 support from WPMU DEV’s expert team.


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