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WPForms HubSpot 1.2.0


The WPForms HubSpot integration is an exceptionally robust and formidable tool that facilitates the seamless connection of your WPForms account with HubSpot. By leveraging this integration, you gain the immense capability to effortlessly and automatically transmit all form submissions originating from WPForms directly to your HubSpot CRM. Consequently, this integration empowers you to efficiently administer and oversee your leads, meticulously monitor the progression of your sales funnels, and reliably ensure the constant updation of your contact database. Without a doubt, WPForms HubSpot serves as an impeccable solution for enterprises, regardless of their scale, desiring to optimize and streamline their lead generation and sales processes.

Version: 1.2.0
Developer: WP Forms

Updated: October 11, 2023

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WPForms HubSpot Features

WPForms HubSpot is an incredibly robust integration tool that seamlessly connects WPForms, the remarkably user-friendly WordPress form builder, with HubSpot, the preeminent CRM software. This brilliant integration empowers you to effortlessly collect and effectively manage leads, automate intricate marketing campaigns, and enhance customer engagement to unprecedented levels. WPForms HubSpot is replete with an extensive array of cutting-edge features including but not limited to real-time syncing, custom fields mapping, lead scoring, and contact segmentation. Regardless of whether you are a nimble small business owner, a savvy marketer, or a skilled developer, the remarkable WPForms HubSpot emerges as the ultimate solution that flawlessly streamlines your workflow and dramatically amplifies your productivity. Do not hesitate any longer; embark on this transformative journey today and witness firsthand the remarkable difference it can make for your esteemed business!

  • Seamlessly integrates WPForms with HubSpot
  • Syncs WPForms form submissions to HubSpot automatically
  • Allows for easy mapping of form fields to HubSpot properties
  • Enables creation of custom HubSpot contact properties from WPForms
  • Provides enhanced lead management and segmentation capabilities
  • Offers real-time lead notifications and follow-up actions
  • Saves time by eliminating tedious data entry and manual form handling
  • Improves data accuracy and completeness for better decision-making
  • Supports GDPR and data privacy compliance
  • Offers flexible pricing plans for businesses of all sizes.


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