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wpDiscuz Online Users 7.0.6


The wpDiscuz Online Users plugin, renowned for its versatility, serves as an invaluable tool that empowers you to effortlessly showcase the precise count of online visitors in real-time on your WordPress website. Facilitating utmost convenience, this plugin offers a plethora of user-friendly settings, thereby granting you the autonomy to tailor the display and positioning of online user counters according to your preferences. Consequently, it proves to be the quintessential solution for individuals seeking to enhance engagement levels and foster seamless user interaction within the virtual realm of their website. Regardless of whether one operates a modest blog or a sprawling e-commerce emporium, the wpDiscuz Online Users plugin serves as the paramount instrument for enlivening and fostering a sense of connectivity amongst visitors.

Version: 7.0.6
Developer: WP Discuz

Updated: October 25, 2022

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wpDiscuz Online Users Features

wpDiscuz Online Users is a remarkably convenient and user-friendly plugin, specifically designed for website owners, which enables them to effortlessly showcase and present an extensive list comprising of online users who are currently browsing and exploring their esteemed site. The seamless installation process and effortless configuration of this exemplary plugin make it an absolute must-have for any website aiming to bolster user engagement and foster a thriving online community. The versatile and customizable nature of this plugin empowers website owners to tailor the display of the online users’ list to their precise preferences, allowing them to exhibit a diverse range of pertinent information, including but not limited to usernames and avatars, and even more captivating details. Furthermore, with the invaluable inclusion of wpDiscuz Online Users, website owners are endowed with the invaluable ability to judiciously determine the positioning of the online users’ list, thereby granting them unparalleled autonomy over the overall design and aesthetic of their esteemed site. In its entirety, this ingenious plugin serves as an invaluable resource for discerning website owners aspiring to elevate their esteemed users’ experience to unprecedented heights, while simultaneously fostering a deeper sense of interactivity and engrossment with their esteemed audience.

  • Provides real-time information about users currently online on your website
  • Displays the number of active users in a widget or sidebar
  • Shows the list of active users on a dedicated page
  • Offers customizable user avatars, names and time information display options
  • Highly compatible with WordPress and integrates seamlessly with wpDiscuz commenting plugin
  • Gives you insights into your audience and helps you understand user behaviour on your website
  • Allows you to manage and moderate comments from active users, improving user engagement and interaction on your site
  • Provides detailed statistics and analytics of user activity, including the most active users, most commented posts, popular topics and more
  • Helps you improve your content and make data-driven decisions by providing insights on user preferences and behaviour routines


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