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WP OS Desktop Backend WordPress Admin Theme 1.160


The WP OS Desktop Backend WordPress Admin Theme, an aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated theme, has been specifically crafted for the WordPress Admin area. Its primary objective is to provide users with a clean and user-friendly interface that effectively emulates the appearance and experience of a traditional desktop operating system. This facilitates effortless utilization and navigation, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience. Moreover, this theme boasts a plethora of tailored features and customizable options, such as the ability to personalize widgets, the convenience of drag-and-drop functionality, and the inclusion of visually pleasing typography. All these elements work synergistically to enable website administrators to effectively manage their WordPress sites with increased efficiency. The WP OS Desktop Backend WordPress Admin Theme truly encompasses a contemporary design and advanced functionality, rendering it ideal for individuals in charge of site ownership and administration who are eager to cultivate an air of professionalism and sophistication within their backend operations.

Version: 1.160
Developer: Codecanyon

Updated: May 11, 2023

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WP OS Desktop Backend WordPress Admin Theme Features

The WP OS Desktop Backend WordPress Admin Theme, a cutting-edge product, boasts a sophisticated and user-friendly interface, facilitating the seamless management of your WordPress website. This theme is exclusively developed for the WordPress backend, showcasing a distinctive and contemporary desktop-style layout that not only ensures effortless navigation but also enhances visual appeal. With its multitude of customizable features, including a fully adaptable menu and widget areas, this theme offers an unprecedented level of flexibility, enabling you to tailor it precisely to suit your website’s unique requirements. Additionally, the WP OS Desktop Backend WordPress Admin Theme prioritizes lightweight design and rapid performance, guaranteeing swift and efficient website management. In sum, this theme is an indispensable asset for discerning WordPress website owners in search of a robust and user-centric backend management solution.

  • Streamlined and intuitive WordPress admin dashboard
  • Customizable color scheme to match your brand or personal preference
  • Responsive design for use on desktop and mobile devices
  • Clean and organized layout for efficient content management
  • Custom widgets and page templates for added functionalilty
  • Built-in SEO optimization features to improve website performance
  • Multilingual support for global audiences
  • Easy integration with third-party plugins and services
  • Regular updates and ongoing customer support from experienced developers
  • Compatibility with all major web browsers for seamless performance.


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