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WP Job Manager Resume Manager Addon 2.1.0


The WP Job Manager Resume Manager Addon is a highly indispensable tool that caters to the needs of both businesses and job seekers in equal measure. This remarkable plugin offers job seekers the convenience of effortlessly uploading their resumes and efficiently managing them through their user dashboard. In turn, employers are granted the effortless ability to conveniently view and directly download resumes from the job listings. The presence of the Resume Manager Addon enables hiring managers to promptly and effectively identify exceptional candidates, thereby considerably streamlining their overall hiring process. What’s more, this incredibly versatile addon boasts complete customization options, affording you the opportunity to craft a wholly seamless and tailor-made hiring and recruiting experience for your esteemed business.

Version: 2.1.0
Developer: WP Job Manager

Updated: February 4, 2024

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WP Job Manager Resume Manager Addon Features

The WP Job Manager Resume Manager Addon, a robust tool meticulously engineered to facilitate the seamless management of resumes for job seekers and employers alike, proves to be an invaluable asset. This formidable addon empowers job seekers to generate and effortlessly upload their resumes in a myriad of versatile formats including but not limited to PDF or Word documents, thus enhancing their employability prospects. Furthermore, employers are bestowed with the ability to effortlessly peruse and sift through resumes, wielding the power to meticulously filter their search based on a plethora of specific criteria such as an individual’s skillset or prior experience. The multifaceted capabilities of this remarkable addon extend beyond these rudimentary functions, encompassing the provision of indispensable features such as email notifications, resume previews, and customizable submission forms, rendering the entirety of the recruitment process remarkably expeditious and streamlined. It is unequivocally evident that with the incorporation of the WP Job Manager Resume Manager Addon into their arsenal, both job seekers and employers stand to gain the invaluable advantages of saving substantial time and effort in their endeavors to efficiently manage resumes and procure ideal candidates, thereby fortifying the vitality and prosperity of their respective organizations.

  • Allows users to upload and manage resumes directly on your job listing website
  • Provides customizable resume submission forms for job seekers
  • Enables employers to easily search and view resumes within the WP Job Manager platform
  • Offers the ability to filter resumes by job title, location, and keywords for efficient hiring
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing WP Job Manager plugin and theme
  • Provides detailed documentation and support from experienced developers
  • Keeps resumes and job listings secure with user access control and SSL encryption
  • Saves time and improves workflow for both job seekers and employers.


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