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WP Job Manager Listing Payments 2.2.5


WP Job Manager Listing Payments is an extremely robust and feature-rich WordPress plugin that serves as a conduit for users to effortlessly and efficiently gather payments for their job listings on their website. This user-friendly and intuitive plugin empowers website owners with the ability to effectively generate revenue from their job board by implementing a system that charges users for the privilege of posting job listings. By virtue of its highly customizable pricing structures and remarkably flexible payment options, WP Job Manager Listing Payments offers website administrators a seamless and uncomplicated means of monitoring and overseeing their payment operations on their website. Furthermore, this plugin is seamlessly compatible with a diverse array of immensely popular payment gateways, thereby facilitating a streamlined and expedited job posting process whilst simultaneously bolstering your financial gains. We wholeheartedly implore you to experience the unparalleled capabilities and boundless potential of WP Job Manager Listing Payments firsthand and propel your job board to an unprecedented level of success and prosperity.

Version: 2.2.5
Developer: WP Job Manager

Updated: December 19, 2023

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WP Job Manager Listing Payments Features

WP Job Manager Listing Payments, an exceptional payment system integration, provides an effortless and highly secure means for employers to conveniently pay for their job listing submissions. By seamlessly incorporating with renowned payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net, this remarkable plugin greatly simplifies the payment process, furnishing employers with a remarkable degree of flexibility regarding their payment options. Additionally, it boasts a comprehensive dashboard that empowers employers to meticulously monitor their payments and job listings. Undoubtedly, this indispensable plugin represents an absolute necessity for any astute business owner or discerning recruiter who seeks an efficient and seamless approach to effectively manage their job listings and payments on their esteemed website.

  • Allows website owners to charge users for listing job postings on their site
  • Integrates seamlessly with WP Job Manager plugin
  • Offers a variety of payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, and more
  • Enables website owners to set pricing options for different job listing packages
  • Provides detailed payment reports for both the website owner and the user
  • Offers automatic payment reminders to ensure timely payment of listings
  • Can be customized with branding options to match the website’s design
  • Provides secure payment processing to protect sensitive information
  • Offers flexible payment options such as one-time payments or recurring subscriptions
  • Can be used for both single job postings or bulk job packages.


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