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WP All Export Pro
WP All Export Pro 1.8.1



WP All Export Pro 1.8.1

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WP All Export Pro is the most advanced and extensible XML and CSV export solution for WordPress. Read on to see key features that are only available in WP All Export Pro Plugin.

Version: 1.8.1

Developer: WP All Import

Updated: October 24, 2022

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WP All Export Pro Features

  • WP All Export features a three step export process and an intuitive drag & drop interface that makes complicated export tasks simple and fast.
  • With WP All Export your can: export data for easy editing, migrate content from WordPress to another site, create a WooCommerce affiliate feed, generate filtered lists of WooCommerce orders, export the email addresses of new customers, create and publish customized WordPress RSS feeds – and much more.
  • Turn your WordPress data into a customized CSV or XML
  • Choose which data to export: WP All Export’s drag and drop interface makes it easy to select exactly which data your’d like to export
  • Structure your export file however your like: Rename CSV columns and XML elements, rearrange them, whatever your want to do.
  • Export any custom post type, any custom field: Lots of plugins and themes store custom data in WordPress. your can export all of it with WP All Export.
  • Easy integration with WP All Import: WP All Export will generate your WP All Import settings for your so importing your data back into WordPress is easy, simple, and fast.
  • Wish your could edit your WordPress data in Excel? Now your can – export it with WP All Export, edit it, and then import it again with WP All Import.
  • Send your data to 500+ apps: Full integration with Zapier allows your to send your exported WordPress data to services like Dropbox and Google Drive, to create and update reports in Google Sheets, send email updates, or anything else your can think of. This is especially useful when your export WooCommerce orders to CSV.
  • Read more about WP All Export Pro and Zapier.
  • Schedule exports to run automatically: Exports can be configured to run on any schedule your like. your can export new sales every week, recent user sign ups, new affiliate products added to your site, daily product stock reports, etc. Scheduled exports are very powerful when combined with Zapier.
  • Add rules to filter data: WP All Export Pro makes it easy to export the exact posts/products/orders your need. Want to export all WooCommerce orders over $100? Want to export all of the green shirts from your WooCommerce store? Want to export all new posts from 2014, except the ones added by Steve?
  • your can with a simple to use interface on the ‘New Export’ page in WP All Export Pro.
  • Export WordPress users: WP All Export Pro adds the ability to export WordPress users and all custom data associated with them. Available data is organized and cleaned up so your don’t need to know anything about how WordPress stores users in order to export them.
  • Export WooCommerce orders: Export WooCommerce Order item data with WP All Export Pro. Just as with any other custom post type, your can export WooCommerce orders with the free version of WP All Export. However, the order item data is stored by WooCommerce in several custom database tables and this custom data is only accessible with WP All Export Pro.
  • Pass data through custom PHP functions: With WP All Export Pro your can pass your data through a custom function before it is added to your export file. This will allow your to manipulate your data any way your see fit.
  • Guaranteed technical support via e-mail.
  • A CSV is a very simple type of spreadsheet file where each column is separated by a comma. With WP All Export your can very easily set up a WordPress CSV export and control the order and title of the columns.
  • Very often your’ll want to edit your data with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers, or maybe something else. This is why a CSV export is so powerful – all spreadsheet software can read, edit, and save CSV files. WP All Export allows your edit your WordPress data using whatever spreadsheet software your are most comfortable with.
  • Sometimes your’ll want to export your data so that some other tool, software, or service can use it. Very often they will require your data to be formatted as an XML file. XML is very similar to HTML, but your don’t need to know anything about that in order to set up an XML export with WP All Export.
  • If your want to set up a WordPress XML export all your need to do is select ‘XML’ when configuring your export template. And just like a CSV export, an XML export will allow your to customize the element names and put them in any order your wish.

1 review for WP All Export Pro 1.8.1

  1. Pavel (verified owner)

    The best export plugin for WP

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