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WordPress Store Locator 2.1.10

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The WordPress Store Locator is an immensely robust plugin that grants you the effortless capacity to incorporate a store locator onto your WordPress website. By utilizing this ingenious plugin, you can effectively showcase a comprehensive map encompassing all of your store locations, thus providing your esteemed clientele with the expeditious means to swiftly ascertain the closest store to their current whereabouts. This remarkably versatile plugin is entirely amenable to customization and boasts a seamless user experience, rendering it an exemplary solution tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses spanning the full gamut of sizes. Whether you preside over a diminutive local boutique or an extensive conglomerate of retail establishments, the WordPress Store Locator emerges as an unparalleled resource, adeptly facilitating the attraction of fresh patrons and catalyzing exponential sales growth.

Version: 2.1.10
Developer: Codecanyon

Updated: May 17, 2023

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WordPress Store Locator Features

The WordPress Store Locator serves as a highly convenient and efficacious means for enterprises to exhibit their store locations on their websites. By utilizing this tool, patrons are able to swiftly pinpoint the store nearest to their current whereabouts, thereby augmenting foot traffic and bolstering sales. Packed with customizable maps, filters, and search options that can be tailored to suit the unique requirements of any business, this plugin truly leaves no stone unturned. Furthermore, the user-friendly nature of the WordPress Store Locator obviates the need for any coding proficiency, enabling website owners to seamlessly integrate it into their pre-existing sites. Given its unwavering functionality and remarkable features, this tool undoubtedly represents an indispensable asset for any business endeavoring to enhance its online presence and attract a larger clientele to its physical establishments.

  • Easy integration with any WordPress website
  • Quickly add store location functionality to your website
  • Customizable map and marker design
  • Easily manage and update store locations
  • Responsive design for mobile and desktop users
  • Integrated search function for finding store locations based on proximity or search criteria
  • Easy to use administrative dashboard for managing store locations
  • Multiple map types available including road map, terrain, and hybrid
  • Option to display a list of store locations alongside the map
  • Compatible with popular WordPress themes and plugins
  • Integrates with Google Maps for accurate location information

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  2. Ranner (verified owner)

    I have installeid it with no problems. GPL love is my firts choice

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