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WooCommerce Quick View
WooCommerce Quick View 1.6.0



WooCommerce Quick View 1.6.0


Are you running an online WooCommerce store and want to increase sales conversions? Do you want to offer customers a fast and responsive way to view your product? Then WooCommerce Quick View plugin is great add-on for you. Add a quick view button to each product in your store and show details of your product instantly. Since it this plugin is AJAX powered, this won’t open up a new window or tab! Choose between two open effects and choose which data you want to show. On top of that, customize the design to your needs and enjoy total responsiveness across all devices!

Version: 1.6.0

Developer: Woocommerce

Updated: May 25, 2022

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WooCommerce Quick View Features

Grab customers’ attention with WooCommerce Quick View!

With the growing age of technology, attention spans of the average consumer has been going down steadily. Not only do we have thousands of competitors we have to compete with, customers’ attention are becoming more and more difficult to retain. That’s why it is crucial for online ecommerce businesses to offer a seamless user experience.

Win valuable seconds of your visitor’s attention by adding the AJAX powered WooCommerce Quick View button. All the essential product details are displayed instantly. Once you enable AJAX add to cart, visitors can then add there desired product to their cart. No need to open up the entire page in a separate tab and waste your customer’s valuable time!

Have full control over which product data you want to show

If you have installed WooCommerce Quick View, you will be surprised with all the features and customizability this lean plugin has to offer. Choose between two different ways to open your product, modal or inline in the category pages. Next, you can select which data you want to show in your quick view content. This is different for every WooCommerce store, so it’s a nice feature the developer’s included!

Another neat feature is that you can show next / previous arrows in the Modal view. That’ll allow visitors to quickly switch to the next product.

WooCommerce Quick View is 100% customizable and responsive!

This a feature-packed plugin, but this plugin will also perfectly blend with your existing brand. Customize Text, Styles and everything you can think of!

And of course, we cannot forget the mobile users. This quick view plugin is 100% responsive across all mobile devices, so you’ll be able to reach your customers wherever they are.
Lastly, WooCommerce Quick View plugin is fully compatible with WPML and Visual Composer.

  • 2 Open Effects – modal or inline
  • Choose which data to show in the quick content – Choose from price, SKU, title, add to cart button, read more button and many more!
  • Responsive & Customizable – Our Quick View Plugin is 100% responsive – fitting every customers device. Texts, Styles and everything can be customized as needed.
  • WPML support
  • Compatible with Visual Composer
  • Next / Previous Product – Show next / previous arrows in the Modal View to easily switch to the next product.
  • AJAX Add to Cart


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