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WooCommerce Points and Rewards 1.7.49


WooCommerce Points and Rewards serves as an exceptionally efficient plugin, facilitating the seamless establishment of a customer loyalty program within your WooCommerce store. This exceptional tool grants you the ability to bestow points upon your esteemed customers for their purchases, subsequently granting them the privilege of redeeming said points for alluring discounts on subsequent orders. The plugin encompasses an extensive array of advanced features, including the capability to configure multiple earning and redemption levels, administer bonus points, and accurately track customer activity. By harnessing the formidable rewards system presented by WooCommerce Points and Rewards, not only will you enhance customer engagement and retention, but you will also witness a substantial surge in sales.

Version: 1.7.49
Developer: Woocommerce

Updated: February 15, 2024

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WooCommerce Points and Rewards Features

By utilizing the powerful features of WooCommerce Points and Rewards, you have the remarkable opportunity to entice your esteemed customers to engage in more frequent shopping endeavors, all through the provision of points for each and every purchase they make. These invaluable points can subsequently be utilized to obtain lucrative discounts or even acquire complimentary products, thereby instilling a sense of profound gratification within your consumer base and nurturing their unwavering loyalty. The beauty of this remarkable plugin lies in its capability to effortlessly establish a comprehensive reward system, meticulously tailored to accommodate varying point values, while simultaneously bestowing the privilege of allocating bonus points for specific commendable actions such as subscribing to a newsletter or duly recommending a dear friend. Moreover, the seamless integration of this plugin with your WooCommerce store enables you to diligently monitor and meticulously track customer points balances, as well as effectively oversee the virtuous cycle of reward redemption, culminating in an unparalleled shopping experience for all parties involved.

  • WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin enables online store owners to implement point and reward system for their customers.
  • It helps in boosting customer retention and loyalty by offering reward points for their purchases and other activities.
  • Store owners can set up various earning and redemption rules to motivate customers to buy more and engage with the store.
  • Customers can see their points balance on their account page and easily track their rewards.
  • The plugin supports multiple point expiration policies to create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to redeem their points quickly.
  • Store owners can customize the look and feel of the reward program to match their branding and customer preferences.
  • The plugin also provides detailed reports and analytics to help store owners analyze the performance of their reward program and make informed decisions.
  • WooCommerce Points and Rewards is easy to install and configure with simple settings and step-by-step guidance.
  • The plugin is compatible with a variety of payment gateways and shipping methods, making it suitable for any type of online store.
  • With regular updates and support, the plugin ensures that store owners can provide the best possible experience to their customers.


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