WooCommerce Order Delivery
WooCommerce Order Delivery 2.6.4

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WooCommerce Order Delivery 2.6.4

Original price was: $159.00.Current price is: $3.99.

WooCommerce Order Delivery, a highly functional plugin, offers customers the remarkable opportunity to effortlessly select a date and time of their preference for the delivery of their purchased items from your esteemed online store. By empowering customers with such a level of control, this exceptional plugin significantly enhances the overall customer experience, thereby leading to heightened levels of satisfaction and a higher likelihood of customers returning for future purchases. Furthermore, this extraordinary plugin encompasses various advanced features, such as the ability to impose restrictions on the number of orders permitted on any given day and the flexibility to establish personalized delivery schedules. With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration, this plugin serves to optimize and streamline the entire delivery process, catering to the needs and desires of both customers and store owners alike.

Version: 2.6.4
Developer: Woocommerce

Updated: June 10, 2024

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WooCommerce Order Delivery Features

WooCommerce Order Delivery presents itself as a robust and influential plugin catering to the needs of online store proprietors desiring to optimize their order delivery procedures. By integrating this plugin into their online stores, proprietors empower customers to handpick a delivery date and time that harmonizes with their personal timetable, thereby ensuring that the products are conveniently received at the most opportune moment. This plugin also confers upon proprietors the ability to establish delivery schedules, determine delivery fees, and configure other pertinent delivery settings. Furthermore, through a user-friendly and intuitive backend interface, proprietors can effortlessly oversee customer orders and delivery schedules. By leveraging the capabilities of WooCommerce Order Delivery, online store proprietors can effortlessly furnish their customers with an enhanced and bespoke delivery experience, yielding augmented levels of customer satisfaction and engendering unwavering loyalty.

  • Streamlines the delivery process for WooCommerce orders
  • Enables customers to choose delivery date and time during checkout
  • Allows for customization of delivery options based on location, shipping method and order total
  • Enables tracking of delivery status and notifications for customers and store managers
  • Provides a clear overview of delivery schedule and route for delivery drivers
  • Can integrate with third-party delivery services for additional flexibility
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Can be easily installed and configured with WooCommerce store
  • Dedicated customer support team available for assistance


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