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WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate Plugin
WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate Plugin 2.2



WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate Plugin 2.2


WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate Plugin is one of the most recommended referral marketing programs on WooCommerce.

Version: 2.2

Developer: Codecanyon

Updated: January 26, 2022

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WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate Plugin Features

We are happy to be introducing a social media sharing option as well for the referrers.
Referrers can share predefined banners on social media for increasing their network.
Store owners are having option to upload custom banners of size 1200px X 630px. The Referrals code and link will be added dynamically on these banner.
Visitors who follow or click a socially shared link, will join under the referrer’s account. The previous version only had an option to invite people to join referral program, only via email. But now, social media sharing is available, apparently opening one’s business up to a wider audience.
your client will register on the website and join referral program receive a referral code.
He/She will then share the code with his/her relatives and friends.
Once his/her connection register on the website, join referral program using his/her code and purchases a product, he/she will be entitled to receive a referral reward.
The more number of people are referred to in his/her hierarchy, the more his/her commission would be.
Compatible with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce versions, it can be easily configured from WooCommerce settings.
Level Based Credit system is introduced in this version. Now, Store owners can assign different percentage for the referrers of each different level.
At any point of time, your have the freedom to enable or disable the level-based credit system. If your choose to enable the level-based credit system, your can also set the maximum number of levels
The commission can be awarded using two separate methods in the Level Based Credit System
Percentage specified on a product-specific category will be given highest precedence. If the product level percentage is undefined, then the category level percentage will be applied. The priority followed is, product-specific > category level > global percentage.
If a particular product has multiple categories (for instance, a unisex shirt), the store owner is given the accessibility to choose whether the lowest or highest percentage should be applied from the plugin settings.
Where other plugins are only showing your a record of registrations, we give your more accessibility and details on a dashboard within the Admin panel. See a complete list of registered users, their hierarchy, points earned and sort them using various filters.
In the prior version, welcome credit points were only awarded to newly registered members. But on the insistence of our plug-in users, the administrator now has the flexibility to award benefits of welcome credits even to existing customers on their first purchase.
Give your customers the choice to join or not join the referral program by using our auto/manual join option. Manual joining sends a message to the user if he wishes to become a part of the referral program whereas auto join automatically makes the user, a member.
Do your feel some of your products are too remarkable? don’t wish to add them in any category? No worries. Admin has the flexibility to exclude products from the referral program.
Administrator can also set monthly credit limit as well as monthly redemption limit.
The Plugin also allows the registered website users to join the referral program.
We understand users need an equal leverage to join. Therefore, registered members can see their earned and redeemed credit point on the dashboard within their account. Moreover, for user ease, they can also invite others just by entering their email address.
Administrator can set a validity period for credit points after which the points collected will expire. He/she can also use email templates (designed by us) to send to the users reminding them of the points in their basket as well as the period of expiry coming near.
Receiving a reminder email from the store owner will set your credibility and impress the clients. This will help your in positive publicity and give the user enough time to take appropriate action before the credits expire.
Along with credit expiry email, we also provide various other email templates to customize for your convenience.
We also offer fully customizable 8 vibrant referral invite banners to promote the referral program to your users.


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