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WooCommerce Mixpanel 1.16.0


By integrating your WooCommerce store with Mixpanel, you will be able to access a plethora of valuable insights pertaining to customer behavior and purchase patterns. This remarkable plugin facilitates the effortless tracking of various metrics such as sales, abandoned carts, and customer journeys, thereby enabling you to optimize your e-commerce strategy and ultimately drive revenue. Furthermore, with the provision of customizable events and funnels, you will have the flexibility to tailor your analysis in a manner that aligns perfectly with the unique requirements of your business. Additionally, the real-time data and actionable insights provided by this integration will empower you to make well-informed decisions and enhance the overall performance of your online store.

Version: 1.16.0
Developer: Woocommerce

Updated: February 9, 2021

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WooCommerce Mixpanel Features

WooCommerce Mixpanel is an exceedingly robust and advanced plugin that has been meticulously crafted to serve the purpose of aiding online retailers in gaining a profound comprehension of their customers. This remarkable plugin has been ingeniously designed to furnish invaluable insights and discerning observations pertaining to the intricate dynamics of your customers’ behaviors, preferences, and purchasing habits. With the unparalleled capabilities of WooCommerce Mixpanel at your disposal, you possess the extraordinary ability to meticulously monitor and scrutinize every minuscule action carried out by your esteemed customers on your esteemed website, encompassing an extensive array of activities such as the perusal of products, additions to the virtual shopping cart, and the grand finale of the entire process, the checkout. Subsequently, this extensive treasure trove of meticulously gathered information is diligently processed and seamlessly transformed into a multitude of visually stunning and effortlessly comprehensible reports that holistically facilitate and arm you with the indispensable knowledge required to make well-informed and sagacious strategic decisions. The extraordinary prowess exhibited by WooCommerce Mixpanel in terms of comprehending the intricacies of your customers’ preferences and behaviors undoubtedly equips you with an unparalleled insight that enables you to meticulously optimize and fine-tune every facet of your esteemed e-commerce emporium, ensuring that your cherished customers are endowed with an unparalleled and inherently superior shopping experience. By meticulously dissecting and analyzing the comprehensive reports delivered by this extraordinary plugin, you are endowed with a profoundly illuminating comprehension of what facets of your esteemed enterprise resonate harmoniously with your esteemed clientele and what aspects necessitate urgent reconsideration and fine-tuning. In light of these unparalleled capabilities, it becomes unequivocally evident that this truly remarkable plugin is an absolute necessity for any discerning online retailer fervently seeking to augment their revenue streams and pave a steadfast path towards the unprecedented growth and prosperity of their esteemed business enterprise.

  • Allows integration between WooCommerce and Mixpanel analytics
  • Tracks customer behavior and purchase history for targeted marketing strategies
  • Provides insights into customer demographics and shopping habits
  • Utilizes Mixpanel’s user-friendly interface for customized reports and visualizations
  • Increases ROI by optimizing marketing campaigns with data-driven decisions
  • Streamlines the process of collecting and analyzing data for eCommerce businesses
  • Offers a range of pricing plans for businesses of all sizes
  • Easy to install and use with step-by-step instructions and technical support available.


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