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WooCommerce LookBook 1.1.10


The WooCommerce LookBook plugin is an incredibly user-friendly tool that provides the opportunity to present your product offerings in an exceptionally visually enticing manner. By harnessing the power of this plugin, you gain the ability to effortlessly construct captivating lookbooks and catalogs that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also allow customers to seamlessly make purchases. Moreover, the true brilliance of this plugin lies in its complete customizability, allowing you to effortlessly align it with your brand’s unique aesthetic and effortlessly emphasize your most popular and high-performing products. Ultimately, this exceptional offering serves as the ideal solution for online retailers who are seeking to optimize their customers’ shopping experience and, most importantly, skyrocket their sales figures.

Version: 1.1.10
Developer: Codecanyon

Updated: April 3, 2022

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WooCommerce LookBook Features

WooCommerce LookBook is an incredibly robust and potent tool that empowers businesses to effectively craft visually captivating lookbooks for their diverse range of products. Through the utilization of LookBook, users are granted the ability to seamlessly generate an exquisite gallery showcasing their products, all while presenting them in an alluring and interactive manner. The plugin itself boasts of its user-friendly nature, as it boasts of an intuitively designed drag-and-drop interface, thereby simplifying the process of incorporating various elements into your lookbook, such as products, images, and more. Moreover, businesses are also able to create multiple lookbooks that cater to different aspects, such as products, seasons, or events, which enables them to tailor the appearance and atmosphere of each one according to their unique preferences and requirements. Furthermore, it is crucial to note that Lookbook also encompasses an extensive array of features, including hover effects, zooming capabilities, and social sharing options, all of which contribute to further augmenting the overall user experience. Regardless of whether you are operating a fashion retail store, a beauty brand, or any other type of online store, it is undeniable that WooCommerce LookBook serves as an exceptional and invaluable tool that enables you to effectively showcase your products in an aesthetically pleasing manner that captivates and entices your target audience.

  • A convenient and intuitive way to showcase your products in a visually appealing way
  • A flexible tool that allows you to create multiple LookBooks with different themes and styles
  • Customizable layouts and designs to suit your brand and product range
  • Seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, giving you complete control over product selection and management
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive design that ensures your LookBooks look great on any device
  • Built-in analytics to track performance and optimize your LookBooks over time
  • Integration with social media platforms to make it easy to share your LookBooks with your audience
  • Easy to install and use, with comprehensive documentation to get you started quickly


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