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Woocommerce Food Ordering Plugin WooFood
Woocommerce Food Ordering Plugin WooFood 2.6.5



Woocommerce Food Ordering Plugin WooFood 2.6.5


Expand your customer reach and distinguish yourself from the competition by offering an exquisite food delivery service. WooFood Food Ordering Plugin for WooCommerce and WordPress is the ultimate solution for your food delivery business. This plugin comes with a lightweight and easy to use theme and an automatic order printing software for both Windows and Mac. WooFood comes with tons of other features like delivery hours, delivery fees, pickup option and automatic distance calculator. If you own multiple restaurants, WooFood also gives you the option to use the multi-store plugin. This features will automatically send the orders to the nearest available restaurant.

Version: 2.6.5

Developer: Codecanyon

Updated: June 10, 2021

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Woocommerce Food Ordering Plugin WooFood Features

Why do I need the WooFood Food ordering plugin for my restaurant?

When running a successful take-away, pizzeria or any other restaurant, offering a delivery service is a must. Staying in the comfort of your own home while having your food delivered to you, has become a huge selling point. But you might be thinking of using thrid party services like Deliveroo or Uber Eats instead? A big disadvantage of this, is that they will take a part of your profit in order to use their services. On top of that, you won’t have control of options like delivery time or pick-up options. WooFood Food Ordering Plugin will enable you to create your own online food delivery platform. On top of that, it will give you all the control AND revenue over your business. Appeal to more customers and see grow your business with WooFood.

A customer friendly, all-in-one solution for any food delivery business

WooFood Food Ordering Plugin for WooCommerce and WordPress comes with a theme, the plugin itself and an automatic printing software.
Design your WooCommerce website using the Gutenberg builder and build a beautiful and user-friendly site. Allow customers to choose the meal they desire by offering them several choice options. WIth Extra Options your customer can choose additional toppings, sauces etc. on any product, variation or the whole product category. This will make the entire food ordering process much more intuitive and faster!
Afterwards, your customers can select their desired pick up option. They can either choose to pick it up at the store or let it get delivered to them. With the Automatic Address Completion feature, you’re sure your customer’s address is accurate!

Manage your online food orders effortlessly with WooFood Food Ordering plugin!

When running an online food delivery service, you will want to make sure you have a clear overview of all your orders. WooFood Food Ordering Plugin comes with several great features that will help automize the entire process.
Take control of the amount of extra option your customers can make. When ordering their food, allow them to choose between several option. Set only a single extra option, set a maximum number of extra options or allow your customers to choose unlimited extra options they want.

Make sure you only serve customers within your restaurants vicinity. Set a maximum delivery distance via Google Distance Matrix API, set a Polygon Area or use Postal Code Restrictions.
Accept and decline orders in Live Mode and have the orders automatically printed using the included printing software. The delivery fee will be automatically calculated depending on your custom settings. These setting you can find under default WooCommerce > shipping.

See your business grow with the best WooCommerce Food Ordering plugin on the market!

WooFood Food Ordering Plugin is a great plugin for any restaurant owner looking to expand their business. Its clear and user friendly interface makes building and maintaining an online food ordering website super easy. This plugin comes with all the features you will need to effectively run your business. And with its multi-store plugin, you could expand your business even more! Start working towards owning multiple locations and increasing your sales while still being able to rely on WooFood Food Ordering Plugin.

  • MultiStore Feature – For Merchants with multiple stores
  • Automatic Send the Order to the Nearest store to the customer(*manually selection is also available)
  • Maximum Distance for Delivery
  • Distance Based Calculation / Polygon Based Calculation / Postal Code Based
  • Pickup Option
  • Multiple Customer Addresses
  • Automatic Address Completion using Google Maps API
  • Accept /Decline Orders


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