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WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts
WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts 2.4.5



WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts 2.4.5


Create the perfect pricing strategy with WooCommerce dynamic pricing. This all-in-one pricing plugin is powerful way for online retailers to boost their sales. Make your products more attractive by running sales, promotions, special offers, bulk pricing, and more. Set up a loyalty program to ensure your customers return to your store. Add conditional logic in order to calculate the right price for each customer. Enjoy full flexibility and unlimited pricing methods with this WooCommerce pricing plugin.

Version: 2.4.5

Developer: Codecanyon

Updated: September 12, 2022

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WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Features

Increase sales by creating attractive WooCommerce coupons

Sell more by setting up attractive discounts. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing allows you to run customized sales during special seasons like Christmas, Easter or Black Friday. Create clearance or flash sales to sell products fast or create a long term pricing strategy with customer loyalty. Reward your customers once they’ve reached specific goals. Start a club and offer discounts for members-only. Or create coupons for individual customers based on a certain set of conditions.
Distinguish yourself from other e-commerce stores by offering competitive pricing and an exquisite customer service.

Great for WooCommerce wholesale and small store-owners alike!

Whether you run a small online store or large wholesale business, WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing is the perfect, all-purpose pricing plugin for you. Just like its name suggests, this plugin’s power lies in its dynamic pricing. Adjust the product price based on a set of rules to define the right price. Choose between conditions and priority options to target the right product, product category, users or the entire shop!

Offer discounts based on the quantity of orders with Bulk Pricing, Tiered Pricing or Groups of Products. Set a ‘Buy x Get y’ discount to increase sales. Make sure there are no double discounts by Excluding Matched Items.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing automatically calculates the right price

Once visitor’s have chosen their products, they will see their discounts directly applied at check out. No need to manually enter a coupon code, customers will see their savings instantly. Which is great to increase conversion rates!
Set up cart discounts based on the cart subtotal, cart items, customer details, shipping address and more.
Another great feature of WooCommerce Pricing is its Checkout Fees. Cover additional costs by setting up a fee based on your specific conditions. For example processing costs, international shipping or perishing product handling.

Discounts with unlimited conditional logic

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing allows you to set the perfect price for each order based on 8 main conditional logic categories. Set up rules for Target Products, Customer Properties, Shipping Address, Cart Properties, Customer Value, Date & Time, Items in Cart and Purchase History. Combine them in any way you like to always have the most competitive price for every product at any occasion!

  • Dynamic pricing adjustments based on bulk pricing, tiered pricing, groups of products, buy x get y, exclude matched items
  • Conditional cart discounts
  • Checkout fees
  • Storewide rule management
  • Conditional logic: target products, customer properties, shipping address, cart properties, customer value, date & time, items in cart, purchase history
  • Long term pricing strategies to increase customer loyalty
  • Unmatched power & flexibility


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