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Uni CPO Premium Options and Price Calculation Formulas
Uni CPO Premium Options and Price Calculation Formulas 4.9.17



Uni CPO Premium Options and Price Calculation Formulas 4.9.17


As an online store owner your may want to add extra options to your products, make the whole form more visual appealing and be able to configure price calculation of pretty much any complexity. Uni CPO empowers your to create beautiful and powerful forms for your products!

Version: 4.9.17

Developer: Codecanyon

Updated: September 28, 2022

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Uni CPO Premium Options and Price Calculation Formulas Features

  • Printing companies
  • Benefit from the possibility to set custom product dimensions and perform price calculation based on these values. Calculate order item weight and dimensions to calculate shipping cost. Automatically convert dimensions unit. Offer nice product preview with the Colorify feature.
  • Beauty salons
  • Offer a flexibility in SPA-procedures selection and an opportunity to configure discounts system based on the quantity. Add a possibility to make appointments by choosing dates in a date picker.
  • Furniture sellers
  • Add as many options your need for your products. Any type – required and optional, with images and without. Create custom options and configure their constraints and custom validation rules.
  • Shutter producers
  • Add extra product options like material type and colour. Use matrices – price tables – for the purpose of easy to configure and maintainable price calculations. Create nice previews with an image conditional logic functionality.
  • Price Calculation
  • A unique and versatile feature – almost any maths formula can be used for the product price calculation!
  • Extra Product Options
  • The plugin has 18 types of custom options (including their modes): Text field, Text Area, Select, Checkboxes (4 modes), Radio Inputs (4 modes), File upload, Date Picker (2 modes), Range Slider (2 modes), Dynamic Notice, Matrix.Conditional Logic
  • Formulas Conditional Logic – it is possible to apply different maths formulas based on the user defined value/choice of custom option(s) and even calculated values (the results of performed maths operations) for the product price calculation.


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