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Ultimate Member Online Users 2.1.9


The Ultimate Member Online Users add-on serves as a robust extension to the Ultimate Member plugin, amplifying the functionality by granting immediate access to a comprehensive overview of the individuals currently active on your WordPress site. By utilizing this invaluable tool, you can effortlessly ascertain the identities of engaged users, their ongoing activities, and their exact actions within your site’s virtual space. It goes without saying that this particular feature is absolutely indispensable for websites heavily reliant on real-time user interaction, including but not limited to chat rooms and forums. With the innovative capabilities of Ultimate Member Online Users, monitoring and analyzing user activity on your site becomes a breeze, ultimately leading to an enhanced and unparalleled browsing experience for your esteemed visitors.

Version: 2.1.9
Developer: Ultimate Member

Updated: December 11, 2023

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Ultimate Member Online Users Features

The Ultimate Member Online Users plugin has been meticulously developed to furnish website owners with invaluable insights into the online activities of their users. With the aid of this remarkable plugin, one can effortlessly discern the identities of the individuals currently engaged in virtual interactions and ascertain the specific web pages they are perusing in real-time. Moreover, this exceptional innovation provides a comprehensive overview of the number of users presently active on the site and empowers users to tailor the display of the online users list according to their preferences. This awe-inspiring plugin proves to be particularly indispensable for websites that thrive on community participation, as it grants website owners unparalleled opportunities to closely monitor user activity and seamlessly engage with them in real-time. Furthermore, the plugin is imbued with a plethora of customization options, rendering it astonishingly easy to seamlessly integrate with any WordPress theme. In essence, the Ultimate Member Online Users plugin stands as an unequivocal necessity for any website owner yearning to effectively monitor and actively engage with their users.

  • Real-time online users visibility
  • Member list in widget or shortcode display
  • Option to display avatar, name, role, and last activity
  • Customizable user list layout and styles
  • Member search bar in online user lists
  • Time filter option to show users currently online, today, this week, or this month
  • User roles filter to show specific user groups online
  • AJAX-powered online user status update
  • Compatible with Ultimate Member plugin and other user management plugins
  • Internationalization support for translations


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