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Ultimate Learning Pro
Ultimate Learning Pro 3.3



Ultimate Learning Pro 3.3


Ultimate Learning Pro is a new WordPress LMS Plugin that will help you create a premium Learning platform for your future Students & Instructors. You’ll be able to easily create courses, reward your students, gather feedback and much more

Version: 3.3

Developer: Codecanyon

Updated: October 13, 2022

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Ultimate Learning Pro Features

  • Intuitive Course Builder – Easily create, edit and maintain online courses with our friendly user interface.
  • Everything Included – All the Premium Addons are included in the price, you get everything from the start with no hidden costs
  • Control Enrollment – With Ultimate Learning Pro your users can register to automatically become Students and/or Instructors or you can manually add them. You can even add multiple Instructors.
  • PayPal Payment – Your users can use PayPal’s direct payment method.
  • Stripe Payment – Your users can use Stripe’s direct payment method.
  • Membership Payment – You can link a course to a Ultimate Membership Pro level.
  • WooCommerce Payment – Your users can use the payment methods integrated in WooCommerce.
  • EDD Payment – You can link a course to an Easy Download Digital item
  • Student Notes – Special form generated by the plugin where your students can take notes during courses.
  • Student Badges – Set up badges to reward your students for completing certain conditions.
  • Reward Points – Reward your students with points when they answer questions, finish a quiz, lesson or course. Use points as a prerequisite condition for your courses.
  • Wish List – Lets your students save a course to their personal wish list for later use.
  • Grade Book – Students will be able to see their grades in a special form generated by the plugin.
  • Course Certificates – Certificates can be added for courses, they are given to your students upon completion of the course.
  • Course Reviews – Help your sales grow by having honest reviews of your courses written by students.
  • Course Difficulty – Define difficulty levels and assign them to your courses to help potential customers make the right choice.
  • Course Estimation Timer – Set up an estimation of how much time it will take to finish this course.
  • Featured Course – Highlight a course in the public section to attract interest to it with just one button click.
  • Course Price – Determine if a course is free or paid and set up the price.
  • Lesson Preview – Make a lesson available for everyone so they can get an idea of how the course is like.
  • Lesson Drip Content – Control when a lesson becomes available for your students by scheduling content releases.
  • Lesson Duration – Establish the minimum amount of time a user must spend on a lesson in order to avoid a user clicking next, next to pass through a lesson with ease.
  • Quiz Timer – Set a number of minutes after which the quiz will end.
  • Randomize Questions – Display the questions of a quiz in a random order every time.
  • Randomize Multi-Choice Answers – Display the multi-choice answers in a random order every time.
  • Determine Passing Grade – Establish the minimum grade a user must obtain in order to pass a quiz or course.
  • Pushover Notifications – Create notifications which will be received by your users on mobile via Pushover.
  • Multiple Instructors – Ultimate Learning Pro has the functionality to add multiple instructors to a course, this is available from the beginning for no extra cost.
  • MyCred Integration – MyCred is integrated in ULP, allowing your users to earn points for certain actions, you have full control over these.
  • Invoices – Allow your users access to their invoice(s).
  • BuddyPress Integration – BuddyPress is integrated in Ultimate Learning Pro, adding a new tab to your BuddyPress public profile.
  • Custom Currencies – ULP allows the addition of new currencies alongside the predefined list based on custom symbols.
  • Account Custom Tabs – You can create and reorder the account page menu items.


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