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TranslatePress and Addons Multilingual Plugin
TranslatePress and Addons Multilingual Plugin 2.4.6



TranslatePress and Addons Multilingual Plugin 2.4.6

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Translating your entire website’s content might sound like a lot of work. But in order to reach a new group of audiences and opening up their content, more and more website owners are translating their content. With TranslatePress Pro, you can do this as well without having to have any knowledge of coding! This multilingual WordPress plugin allows you to easily translate your content from the front-end. It is fully compatible with WooCommerce, complex themes and site builders. Translate your website within minutes with TranslatePress Pro!

Version: 2.4.6

Developer: Translatepress

Updated: January 28, 2023

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TranslatePress and Addons Multilingual Plugin Features

TranslatePress Pro offers an easy user interface that will get you started instantly!

So, how do you actually translate a website with TranslatePress Pro? When you’ve installed and activated the TranslatePress Pro plugin, it’s time to configure its settings. Go to TranslatePress Settings > Translate Site and select your ‘default language’. Next, you can pick your target language from the dropdown menu. Once you’ve done that, you can start translating your website! Simply click the ‘Translate Site’ button in the WordPress admin bar, and you will get redirected to TranslatePress Pro’s frontend editor.

Translate you website visually using the front end editor!

Once you’re all set up, you can start translating your content from the front end. Simply choose your source language from the top drop-down menu which will open up another drop-down menu underneath. In this second drop-down menu you can access all strings (meaning text) on your page. Pick a string by either navigating the drop-down menu or directly clicking the strings on the screen with your mouse. Once you’re done translating your content, click save and a language switcher will appear on your page. Simply click it to switch between languages.
Besides translating text, you can also translate images.

Speed up the process by automatically translating your site using Google Translate or DeepL

When you don’t have the time translate your website manually, TranslatePress Pro offers an Automatic Translation feature as well. Simply enable the Automatic Translation settings, input your API key, and you’re ready to go. However, you will notice that machine translations are not always fully correct. What’s great about TranslatePress Pro is that you can select and overwrite certain translation manually.

Add a language switcher and customize it to your liking with TranslatePress Pro

TranslatePress Pro allows you to customize the design of the language switcher. You can choose how the language is being displayed, either in its English name or in its native name. Next, you can also choose the floating language selector. Display either full or short language names with or without flags. Or only flags. You can also choose a light or dark theme and determine its position (top, bottom, left or right).

Another option would be to use the short code or menu options. With a generated short code you can place the language switcher anywhere you want. TranslatePress Pro comes with a built-in short code that allows you to place this element anywhere including widget areas. The second option would be to add the language switcher as a menu item.

A feature packed WordPress translation plugin that will satisfy all your needs

Not only can you easily translate your website’s content in a total of 221 languages, you can get access to tons of powerful features. TranslatePress Pro is SEO friendly, have full editorial control, enjoy fill support for dynamic strings. This WordPress translation plugin works out of the box with WooCommerce, custom post types and tons of themes and site builders. TranslatePress Pro also allows you to create translator accounts.

This means you can translate your website without having to work with the WordPress backend, site builder or meta boxes. View your website just like your users see it with the ‘Browse as’ feature. Translate larger blocks of HTML with a single translation using translation blocks. Last but not least, Automatic User Language Detection will redirect users automatically to their native language.

  • Translate the entire page
  • Automatic Translation
  • 221 Languages
  • Editorial Control
  • Image translation
  • SEO Friendly
  • Customizable Language Switcher
  • Translator Accounts
  • Browse As
  • Translation Blocks
  • Automatic User Language Detection
  • This Plugin comes with the Translatepress Multilingual Core plugin and the Add-ons

5 reviews for TranslatePress and Addons Multilingual Plugin 2.4.6

  1. selcan (verified owner)

    Perfect plugin for auto translate, with this pro it changes the url-slug automatically.

  2. Nareh (verified owner)

    Perfect plugin, Thank you so much …

  3. Kamil (verified owner)

    Great support. Plenty of plugins. Very satisfied.

  4. Antonio (verified owner)

    Perfect plugin for auto translate, with this pro it changes the url-slug automatically.

  5. Antonio (verified owner)

    Perfect plugin for auto translate avada themes.

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