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Themify Split WordPress Theme
Themify Split WordPress Theme 5.6.3



Themify Split WordPress Theme 5.6.3


Split is a fully responsive WordPress theme that’s built with a split scrolling feature allowing your to create a cool splitting effect as your scroll from one row to the next. We’ve built this feature to allow your to display any content (fullwidth video, image, text) on any row of your site using this visually appealing effect. We’ve also included a pair of post layouts, no sidebar (half page), and sidebar (fullwidth feature image).

Note: The Theme package might contain subfolders and needs to be unzipped before uploading it to WordPress.

Version: 5.6.3

Developer: Themify

Updated: June 26, 2022

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Themify Split WordPress Theme Features

  • Split Scrolling
  • The Split Scrolling feature is a flexible way of creating a nifty split-screen effect as your scroll through your content, allowing your to display any content on any row on your site, in a very visually appealing way. Whether your’re showcasing a background image, an image slider, or even a video, the split scrolling feature works flawlessly. On tablet devices, the split scrolling will have full section scrolling effect. We’ve built some sample page layouts that showcases how your can use this feature on your site. Column Styling
  • Style each column any way your like with the row styling feature from the Builder. your can now customize the background type (solid color, parallax scrolling image, slider, or video), font, padding, overlay, border, and margin of each column for each row on your site. We’ve built the Split theme to work hand-in-hand with the new Builder Column Styling feature. Check out the demo for our sample page layouts, and see how we used the column styling for each row. column styling
  • Responsive & Retina Ready
  • The Split theme is completely fluid and responsive, displaying consistently on all devices and resolutions. responsive design
  • Half Page/Fullwidth Post Layouts
  • Choose how your would like to display your blog or portfolio with the no sidebar (half page) or sidebar (fullwidth feature image) post layout. The no sidebar layout creates a nice half page design, displaying your feature image on the left side as static content, that can be viewed as your scroll through your post on the right side. The sidebar layout displays your feature image fullwidth above your post. post layout
  • Portfolio with Post Filter
  • An optional portfolio post type with post filter is included. The post filter is a useful feature that gives your site visitors the ability to view your portfolio based on the category they would like to see. portfolio post type
  • WooCommerce Support
  • WooCommerce is a popular, FREE plugin that allows your to easily add a full e-commerce shop on your WordPress site. We’ve designed the Spilt theme to work seamlessly with WooCommerce, our Shop page layout is an example on how your can showcase your products on your page using the Split theme. woocommerce support
  • Header & Footer Visibility Options
  • There are header and footer options that’ll give your more flexibility when customizing your page. These options allow your to exclude the header or footer, hide certain elements, choose a background type (solid color, transparent, or image background), and choose custom header text colors. header and footer options
  • Masonry Layout & Infinite Scroll
  • Choose to showcase your blog/portfolio using a responsive and beautiful masonry layout. With the infinite scroll feature enabled, all your posts will be loaded continuously as a visitor scrolls down the page. This creates a smooth, continuous flow for viewers as they can view all posts on one page without having to use pagination. masonry & infinite scroll
  • Optional Page Load Effect
  • Choose to enable or disable the page loader effect on regular pages on your site. This feature shows a cool animated loader before the page is completely loaded. post layout
  • 9 Different Color Skins
  • There are 9 additional different color skins for Split: yellow, orange, grey, pink, black, blue, purple, white, and red.


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