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The Events Calendar Community Events
The Events Calendar Community Events 4.10.3



The Events Calendar Community Events 4.10.3


The Events Calendar Community Events for WordPress add an event submission form to your website so users can submit events to your calendar.

Version: 4.10.3

Developer: The Events Calendar

Updated: December 11, 2022

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The Events Calendar Community Events Features

  • Event submission form – Add a simple form to your site where users can submit their events—no admin access required.
  • Standard event fields – Users can input the event title, description, date, time, and more.
  • Publishing control – Choose whether events are automatically published or created as a draft for moderation.
  • Registered user settings – Let users submit events anonymously or require registration.
  • Editing listings – Decide whether users can edit or delete events after submission.
  • Categories and tags – Users can choose from a list of existing categories and tags on your event submission form.
  • Saved venues and organizers – Restrict event submissions to pre-set venues and organizers or allow users to add their own.
  • Spam protection – Use reCAPTCHA technology to prevent spam.
  • Email notifications – Receive an email notification when new events are submitted.


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