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ShopMagic Delayed Actions 3.1.9


ShopMagic Delayed Actions is an incredibly robust and feature-rich application that has been meticulously designed for the explicit purpose of catering to the needs and requirements of online store proprietors who harbor a desire to effortlessly and seamlessly automate their sales and marketing endeavors. Through the utilization of its user-friendly and intuitive interface, individuals are granted the opportunity to effortlessly and conveniently configure and establish automated actions that will promptly and automatically be initiated and implemented following the elapse of a pre-determined and specific span of time, thereby allowing for the swift and hassle-free dispatch and transmission of abandoned cart emails or even the generation and dissemination of discount codes to potential customers who, for a certain and designated period of time, have not successfully consummated a purchase or transaction. This software application is undeniably and unequivocally ideal and highly advantageous for any individual or entity that seeks to streamline and optimize their operational processes and procedures, thereby ultimately augmenting and enhancing the overall and all-encompassing customer experience. Therefore, why delay any further? Proceed to expediently and expeditiously download and install ShopMagic Delayed Actions today and immediately commence and partake in the myriad and sundry advantages and benefits that automation has to offer!

You must first download and install the ShopMagic core plugin from us.

Version: 3.1.9
Developer: Shop Magic

Updated: December 19, 2023

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ShopMagic Delayed Actions Features

ShopMagic Delayed Actions, a highly robust tool, has been meticulously crafted to assist online store owners in automating and streamlining their workflows, thus ensuring increased efficiency and productivity. This extraordinary tool empowers users to effortlessly create a diverse array of actions and triggers, which can be executed at precise moments and under specific circumstances. These encompass essential tasks such as sending follow-up emails, generating invoices, updating inventory, and much more. By seamlessly automating these critical processes, valuable time is saved, potential errors are minimized, and customers are guaranteed a seamless and unrivaled shopping experience. Whether overseeing a small boutique or managing a large-scale online store, ShopMagic Delayed Actions serves as the ultimate solution, revolutionizing operations and bolstering the financial outlook.

  • Automate your shop processes using delayed actions
  • Ensure timely customer responses even when you are offline
  • Save time and improve efficiency with automated follow-ups and notifications
  • Personalize your customers’ shopping experience with customized emails and messages
  • Reduce cart abandonment rates with targeted abandonment emails and reminders
  • Easily integrate with popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Easy Digital Downloads
  • Utilize conditional logic to trigger actions based on specific conditions or variables
  • Gain valuable insights into customer behavior with detailed reporting and analytics
  • Streamline your customer support by automating routine tasks and inquiries
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty with timely responses and personalized communications.


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