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SearchWP Fuzzy Matches
SearchWP Fuzzy Matches 1.4.4



SearchWP Fuzzy Matches 1.4.4


Fuzzy matching aims to make SearchWP a bit more lenient with search queries. Use this extension to include search terms that are close in spelling to terms within your index. There are some filters available for this Extension that let your fine-tune how loose the fuzziness is.

Version: 1.4.4

Developer: Search WP

Updated: March 2, 2021

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SearchWP Fuzzy Matches Features

Using Fuzzy Matches is recommended only in circumstances that deem it necessary. This warning is given because Fuzzy Matches essentially reduces the effectiveness of SearchWP’s algorithm. Fuzzy Matches broadens search terms which can essentially bring in unwanted results.
It is recommended that your first monitor your actual search queries using SearchWP’s built-in statistics. Using this data your can evaluate what search terms are yielding zero results. The first step here would be to install Term Synonyms if these failed searches are due to common misspellings.
If there are too many common misspellings to make managing Term Synonyms feasible, then (and only then) would Fuzzy Matches be a recommended solution.
Set the minimum word length to include in fuzzy matches (default is 5)
Beyond basic fuzzy matching, SearchWP will apply some primitive spell checking to submitted terms. This filter lets your specify what minimum percentage should be used to constitute a valid match. Must be 0 – 100. (default is 80)
Set the maximum percentage of digits in search term to perform spell checking (default is 10)


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