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Restrict Content Pro ActiveCampaign 1.1.1


The Pro ActiveCampaign integration offered by Restrict Content Pro is an exceptionally robust tool that empowers you to seamlessly utilize the functionalities of Restrict Content Pro alongside ActiveCampaign. By making use of this tool, you have the ability to automate the process of generating fresh Restricted Content Pro accounts each time users opt to subscribe to your ActiveCampaign mailing list. This remarkable integration serves as a safeguard, guaranteeing that solely members possessing active subscriptions are granted access to your exclusive content. Furthermore, it aids you immensely in ensuring the accuracy and currency of your subscriber lists, thereby facilitating significant enhancements in your overall email marketing endeavors. Thus, if you are seeking a convenient and efficient manner in which to meticulously manage your subscriptions while simultaneously safeguarding your invaluable content, it is without a doubt that this tool is the perfect fit for you.

Version: 1.1.1
Developer: Restirct Content

Updated: February 9, 2021

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Restrict Content Pro ActiveCampaign Features

The Restrict Content Pro ActiveCampaign plugin presents itself as a formidable tool that offers the seamless integration of your membership website with your ActiveCampaign account. By capitalizing on the functionalities of this plugin, you can effortlessly generate customized membership levels and efficiently oversee your members’ access to your valuable content. Moreover, the integration of ActiveCampaign automations empowers you to dispatch precisely targeted emails to your esteemed members based on their distinct membership level and their corresponding activities on your website. Consequently, this plugin represents the quintessential solution for any individual seeking to establish a membership website while simultaneously optimizing their email marketing endeavors. Embracing the comprehensive suite of features provided by Restrict Content Pro ActiveCampaign will undoubtedly equip you with the requisite tools to foster the growth of your online community and perpetually engage your membership base.

  • Seamlessly integrates Restrict Content Pro and ActiveCampaign for increased functionality
  • Automate member management by adding and removing users based on tags in ActiveCampaign
  • Create targeted email campaigns for members by utilizing ActiveCampaign’s robust email features
  • Track member engagement and monitor membership status through ActiveCampaign’s reporting and analytics tools
  • Customize user preferences with ActiveCampaign’s conditional content and personalization options
  • Streamline your membership management process by combining Restrict Content Pro and ActiveCampaign in one platform.


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