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Projectopia Wordpress Plugin
Projectopia WordPress Plugin 4.3.13



Projectopia WordPress Plugin 4.3.13


Projectopia WordPress plugin will help your run your business efficiently and effectively by providing all the tools your need to communicate with your clients and team. Keep all your information in one place, easily accessible, and easily embedded on your own WordPress website.

Version: 4.3.13

Developer: Codecanyon

Updated: June 14, 2021

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Projectopia WordPress Plugin Features

  • Work flow control
  • Powerful configuration panel
  • Role-based team member permission
  • system
  • Multiple date formats
  • Sales tax function (including secondary tax)
  • Existing user to Projectopia client conversion tool
  • Fully translatable (PHP gettext functions and PO / MO files)
  • Currency symbol and position settings
  • Conversion tool from existing user to member of the Projectopia team
  • Responsive front panel
  • Select the Projectopia theme or your active theme
  • Customers can update their data and photos from the dashboard
  • Customers can add team members as additional login information
  • Customers can update their data and photos from the dashboard
  • Brand landing page
  • AJAX-enabled actions
  • AJAX private password reset
  • Works with any properly coded theme
  • Downloadable PDF invoices
  • Customers can add team members as additional login information
  • Dashboard alerts for quotes, projects, invoices, and support tickets
  • Ability to view all offers, invoices, projects, tasks and support tickets.
  • Detailed project information including timesheet, updates, finances, milestones / tasks, and files
  • AJAX file uploads in tasks and support tickets
  • Ability to pay bills with Stripe and Paypal
  • Special alerts from the customer control panel
  • Add customer and contact information
  • Resetting the customer account password
  • Customer Notes
  • Custom fields in Client Manager
  • Set invoice terms by customer
  • Sales tax exemption per customer
  • Currency override by customer
  • File uploads to customer account
  • Dashboard special alerts
  • Recurring bills
  • Customer notification preferences
  • Client access activity logs
  • Additional customer contacts (to create additional customer entries)
  • Increase bids / forecasts for registered customers
  • Offer request forms (logged in or anonymous)
  • Milestones and missions templates
  • Terms and conditions templates
  • Choose your deposit percentage
  • Reorder milestones / missions
  • Subtasks
  • Automatically generate projects from accepted proposals
  • Offer cancellation currency
  • Customers can accept / sign offers from their control panel (with saved name, date and IP address)
  • Projects can be assigned to a client or internal
  • Contract signing function (customers can log in to their dashboard)
  • Reorder milestones / missions
  • Assigned to collective change tasks by milestone
  • Send general project messages
  • Project update schedule
  • Various billing options (per stage or prepaid / completion section)
  • Project files table
  • Task progress bars
  • Subtasks
  • The ability to add and access team members.
  • Task management
  • Milestone and Task Templates – Add Multiple to Projects
  • Finance chart showing milestones, costs, and money received
  • Personal project notes
  • Personal or project tasks
  • Start dates and deadlines
  • jQuery timers or add time manually
  • Task status and priority
  • Task file uploads
  • Mission Trackers
  • Task list on team dashboard
  • Task management
  • Task messaging
  • Email Channel (Reply to Task Messages by Email)
  • Task list on team dashboard
  • Ability to assign tasks to clients
  • Attach uploaded files to notification emails
  • Sales tax and secondary sales tax available
  • Stripe and Paypal payments
  • Partial invoice payments
  • Manual payment entry with annotation and payment date
  • Assign invoices to projects or Ad-Hoc
  • Recurring bills
  • Printable invoice view
  • Invoice payment notifications
  • Attach PDF invoice to emails
  • Invoice number prefixes
  • Special invoice fields
  • Settings for when reminders are sent
  • Currency override by invoice
  • Income charts in Admin Dash
  • Send invoices and reminders with one click
  • Downloadable PDF invoices
  • Various invoice designs
  • Add your team members and assign roles
  • Complete package of role-based permissions
  • JQuery Task Schedulers
  • Projects, tasks, tickets, etc. superbly mapped showing custom admin dashboard
  • calendar
  • Task lists


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