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Piotnet Addons Pro For Elementor
Piotnet Addons Pro For Elementor 7.0.16



Piotnet Addons Pro For Elementor 7.0.16


Piotnet Addons for Elementor is a powerful forms plugin for WordPress which offers a wide array of widgets and extensions. Where Piotnet Addons really shines, is its impressive Form Builder. Easily customize the layout of form’s layout and create complex and functional forms using its many features. Some of these features are Multi Step Form, Conditional Logic, Calculated Fields, Stripe Payment, Repeater Fields and many more! Besides its powerful Form Builder, this Piotnet Addons is not just ‘another WordPress form plugin’. This plugin also offers you great options to give you more control over widget elements and the way your images are displayed. Fine tune the layout of your Elementor widgets, add dynamic light box image widgets and set multiple background images. Build animated sliders, add custom media query breakpoints and so much more! Lastly, Piotnet Addons will also enhance the overall responsiveness of you website. Features such as AJAX live search, popup trigger URL, sticky header and the scrollbar feature will bring your user’s experience to the next level.

Version: 7.0.16

Developer: Elementor

Updated: February 25, 2023

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Piotnet Addons Pro For Elementor Features

A powerful and easy to use forms plugin for WordPress

PAFE Form Builder contains a total of 3 widgets: Field, Submit and Multi Step Form. This high quality form builder allows you to effortlessly customize the layout of any form and easily integrate any widget into your desired form. Its structure was designed visually and makes it easy to style your form without needing to know any CSS.

Create stunning and powerful forms

Repeater fields – Do you need your users to submit large amounts of information at once but don’t want to overwhelm them? This feature could be used when creating an online ordering system for your restaurant. Allow your customers to choose the food item they want, the size, the number of items etc. with a single click. The Repeater fields feature lets your users duplicate fields and sections as much as they want.

Conditional logic – Do you need fields to change according to a specific set of conditions? With this feature you can create complex and responsive fields to suit every need. To go back to our restaurant example, use Conditional Logic to dynamically generate the size of your food item. Just let your customer fill in the amount of people and the right size will automatically be generated.

Calculated fields – Automatically calculate complex formulas and implement them in your form with the Calculated fields feature. Dynamically show your customers the exact price when toggling between multiple variables such as items, price and quantity.

WooCommerce checkout – With Piotnet Addons you don’t need to purchase additional plugins when you want to accept online payments. Once the form is completed, let your customers easily pay through Stripe, PayPal or WooCommerce.

Multi Step Form – Guide your clients step-by-step through the process using Multi Step Form. Add images and create a clear and structured layout to fulfill your clients’ individual needs.
Submit widget – Allow your users to submit content through the front-end of your website using Piotnet Addons’ Submit widget. Actions after submitting include remote request, email, redirect, Webhook, popup etc.

Booking – Let your customers book appointments and time slots using this amazing feature. Another vital tool that comes with this must-have Elementor plugin.

Fine-tune the look of your website and create a beautiful design

Leave a lasting first impression with Piotnet Addons many display enhancement features. Step up you visual game with its countless display options. Create interactive, animated sliders, set up an amazing background parallax and by customizing your light box image gallery and media carousels. Fine-tune each widget elements with its Custom Media Query Breakpoints, Equal Height and highly customizable and responsive column settings.

Navigate through your website with ease

Piotnet Addons’ enable you to display information in a clean and structured way. Use its Advanced Tabs, Toggle Content, Scroll Box and Advanced Nav Menu Styling to offer your users the best experience. Lastly, let your users find the exact thing they need with the lightning-speed of the AJAX Search feature.

Integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce, Mailchimp, Google Calendar and many more

Piotnet Addons for Elementor works flawlessly together with WooCommerce and all its payment systems to satisfy all your business’ needs. On top of that, this Elementor plugin also integrates perfectly with Google Sheets and Google Calendar. This will help you keep track of all your data. This plugin also enables you to stay in touch with your dear clients by incorporating your favorite mail services. Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Mailpoet etc. work seamlessly with Piotnet Addons. At long last, its integrations do not end here. Its developers have also thought of services such as Meta Box Integration, Slack, Zoho CRM, ActiveCampaign, Twilio SMS and many more.

  • Form Builder
  • Booking
  • Repeater Fields Multi Level Nested
  • Register and Login Form Builder
  • Woocommerce One Page Checkout
  • Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing
  • Submit Post & Edit Post Form Builder
  • Signature Field
  • Multi Step Form
  • Stripe Payment
  • Conditional Logic Form
  • Calculated Fields Form
  • Connect Form to Google Sheets
  • MailChimp
  • Coupon Code Field
  • Form Database
  • Google Maps Address Autocomplete Field
  • Range Slider Field
  • Image Select Field
  • MailerLite
  • Date range calculated fields
  • ACF Repeater Render
  • Custom Media Query Breakpoints Equal Height For Any Widget And CTA
  • Equal Height Woocommerce Products
  • Ajax Live Search
  • Popup Trigger URL
  • Responsive Background Color
  • Font Awesome 5
  • Toggle Content ( Readmore Content )
  • Parallax Background For Every Element
  • Crossfade Multiple Background Images
  • Advanced Tabs Styling
  • Multiple Background Images
  • Responsive Custom Positioning
  • Text Color Change on Column Hover
  • Css Filters
  • Conditional Logic Form
  • Calculated Fields Form
  • Connect Form to Google Sheets
  • Range Slider Field
  • Image Select Field
  • Advanced Form Styling
  • Sticky Header
  • Advanced Nav Menu Styling
  • Column Width ( Pixel, %, calc )
  • Column Aspect Ratio
  • Responsive Gallery Column Width
  • Responsive Gallery Images Spacing
  • Tooltip
  • Responsive Column Order
  • Responsive Hide Column
  • Media Carousel Ratio
  • Form Style
  • Saved Templates Shortcode with E Free
  • Advanced Dots Styling
  • Scroll Box With Custom Scrollbar
  • Responsive Section Column Text Align
  • Image Carousel Multiple Custom Urls
  • Display Inline Block
  • Gradient Text + Gradient Button
  • Section Link
  • Column Link
  • Max Width
  • Navigation Arrows Icon
  • Close First Accordion
  • Absolute Positioning
  • Conditional Visibility
  • Convert Image to Black or White
  • Particles
  • Lightbox Image With Title and Caption
  • Lightbox Gallery Masonry
  • Lightbox Thumbnail Gallery + Custom size
  • Image Accordion
  • Dual Color Headline
  • Sales pop
  • Hotspot
  • Table
  • Slider Builder With Animation
  • Switch Content
  • Before After Image Comparison Slider
  • Posts List
  • Video List
  • Vertical Timeline
  • Progress Bar


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