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OceanWP Sticky Footer 2.0.5


The OceanWP Sticky Footer, a highly functional plugin, serves the purpose of ensuring the constant visibility of your footer while engaging in the act of scrolling through your website. This extremely convenient tool is particularly suitable for individuals who desire to maintain the persistent exhibition of their footer, regardless of users’ downward scrolling actions. Facilitating effortless installation and offering an array of customizable options, the OceanWP Sticky Footer undoubtedly proves itself to be an invaluable asset to any website design. Optimize the accessibility and user-friendliness of your content by incorporating this immensely practical plugin into your website.

Note: In order to use this Plugin you need to purchase first our OceanWP Extra Plugin.

Version: 2.0.5
Developer: Ocean WP

Updated: September 8, 2023

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OceanWP Sticky Footer Features

The OceanWP Sticky Footer plugin is a highly potent tool that offers the ability to establish a footer that remains fixed at the bottom of your website. This implies that regardless of the location your visitors find themselves on your site, they will continuously have the means to access vital information such as your contact particulars, social media connections, and copyright details. By utilizing this plugin, not only can you personalize your footer to align with the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of your website, but you can also incorporate versatile widgets like a sign-up form for a newsletter or a dynamic map displaying your precise geographical location. Moreover, owing to the sticky nature of the footer, it serves as an exceptional means to augment the prominence and ease of access to your content, thus fostering active engagement from your visitors. In summation, the OceanWP Sticky Footer plugin is an indispensable instrument for any discerning website owner who harbors a genuine desire to elevate the user experience and elevate the overall functionality of their esteemed website.

  • Adds a sticky footer to your OceanWP website
  • Automatically adjusts to fit content on the page
  • Customizable settings such as background color and font size
  • Compatible with any OceanWP theme and WordPress version
  • Simple installation and activation process
  • Works well on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Provides a convenient way to display important information or calls-to-action
  • Enhances overall user experience and navigability of your website
  • Can be disabled on specific pages or posts if desired.


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