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OceanWP Full Screen 2.1.1


Elevate the performance of your WordPress website by incorporating the extraordinary capabilities of OceanWP Full Screen. This remarkably robust plugin provides you with the ability to fabricate visually captivating full screen layouts for your webpages, blog posts, and any other content you may possess. Embellished with an extensive array of customization features, such as the inclusion of video backgrounds and the incorporation of parallax effects, you have the freedom to generate truly distinctive and captivating user experiences. Moreover, the user-friendly drag-and-drop interface ensures that even individuals without a background in web development can easily navigate and utilize this exceptional tool. Don’t hesitate, revolutionize your website today by integrating OceanWP Full Screen into your digital repertoire.

Note: In order to use this Plugin you need to purchase first our OceanWP Extra Plugin.

Version: 2.1.1
Developer: Ocean WP

Updated: October 31, 2023

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OceanWP Full Screen Features

OceanWP Full Screen is an incredibly robust and feature-rich WordPress theme that grants you the ability to effortlessly craft breathtaking and captivating full-screen websites. With its cutting-edge and stylish design, it encompasses an extensive array of customization possibilities, encompassing a myriad of header styles, bespoke widgets, and an infinite palette of color schemes, thereby affording you the unparalleled opportunity to construct a website that flawlessly encapsulates the essence and ethos of your brand. Moreover, this theme boasts a responsive layout, warranting that your website exhibits an exceptional visual appeal across all devices. Notably, it has been meticulously optimized for optimal velocity and search engine optimization, thereby facilitating the improvement of your website’s performance and visibility on search engine results pages. All in all, OceanWP Full Screen indisputably represents an impeccable choice for individuals seeking to fabricate a visually striking and exceptionally high-performing website.

  • Full screen design for websites created with OceanWP theme
  • Helps to provide a unique and immersive browsing experience for your visitors
  • Allows users to view your website without any distracting elements or interface clutter
  • Optimized for various screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices
  • Compatible with various OceanWP plugins and add-ons for enhanced functionality and customization options
  • Easy to install and set up with intuitive options and controls in the OceanWP theme settings
  • Provides a minimalist and modern website design with a focus on the content and message of your website
  • Helps to increase engagement and reduce bounce rates by providing a captivating and uninterrupted user experience.


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