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myCred Progress Bar Add on 1.3.3


The myCred Progress Bar Add on, which serves as an ideal instrument for effectively monitoring and exhibiting the advancement of your esteemed users in accordance with the points they have accumulated, boasts a user-friendly interface and the ability to tailor its design to suit your specific preferences. This remarkable add on effortlessly amalgamates with your myCred plugin, thereby enabling users to gain insight into their existing point balance, as well as comprehend the precise quantity of points required to ascend to the subsequent level of gratification. Consequently, by incorporating the myCred Progress Bar Add on, you can effectively sustain the involvement and motivation of your valued users to continuously amass an increasing number of points.

Version: 1.3.3
Developer: myCred

Updated: December 30, 2021

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myCred Progress Bar Add on Features

The myCred Progress Bar Add on, a highly efficient and effective tool, empowers users to showcase their progress and accomplishments in a captivating and interactive manner. This add-on enables users to design personalized progress bars that proficiently monitor their advancement towards specific objectives or accolades, and can even establish a connection between these objectives and incentives or rewards. The progress bars themselves offer complete flexibility in terms of customization, granting users the ability to modify colors, styles, and animations to perfectly align with their branding or website design. Moreover, the myCred Progress Bar Add on seamlessly integrates with the myCred plugin, facilitating users in tracking their progress across multiple platforms and earning points or rewards for their outstanding achievements. Whether your intention is to motivate users to complete tasks, monitor progress towards a predetermined target, or simply enhance engagement on your website, the myCred Progress Bar Add on represents an indispensable tool for any WordPress user.

  • Adds a visually appealing progress bar to your myCred-powered WordPress site
  • Helps to motivate site visitors to earn more points by tracking progress towards their goals
  • Highly customizable settings allow you to choose the colors, labels, and styling of your progress bar
  • Easy installation and integration with your existing myCred configuration
  • Compatible with a wide range of WordPress themes and plugins
  • Can be used to track progress towards any goal, such as completing a survey or reaching a certain level in a game
  • Includes detailed documentation and support from the myCred team


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