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myCred BP Charges 1.4.7


myCred BP Charges is an exceptionally robust WordPress plugin with extensive capabilities that enable the rewarding of points to users for an array of BuddyPress activities, encompassing the likes of group creation, forum posting, private messaging, and a plethora of other engaging pursuits. Through the provision of customizable point values for each individual activity, this plugin effectively serves as a catalyst for stimulating increased user involvement within your cherished BuddyPress community. Moreover, the myCred BP Charges plugin seamlessly accommodates the deduction of points in response to undesirable or negative actions, while simultaneously facilitating the redemption of accumulated points via a diverse range of integrations. By effortlessly bolstering user engagement and fostering unwavering loyalty, myCred BP Charges unquestionably stands as an unparalleled asset to your online platform.

Version: 1.4.7
Developer: myCred

Updated: February 7, 2024

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myCred BP Charges Features

myCred BP Charges serves as a highly robust plugin that has been meticulously crafted with the aim of enriching user engagement and fostering loyalty. By virtue of this plugin, website owners are provided with the invaluable opportunity to bestow their users with points as a token of appreciation. It is worth noting that myCred BP Charges seamlessly integrates with BuddyPress, a widely renowned social network plugin that is readily accessible on the WordPress platform. By incorporating myCred BP Charges into their websites, owners are empowered to devise personalized point charges for a plethora of distinct BuddyPress activities, including but not limited to commenting, group formation, and private messaging. Consequently, users are incentivized to partake in these specific activities, thereby enabling them to amass points which can subsequently be redeemed for various gratifying rewards. Armed with myCred BP Charges, website owners are thus primed to fashion an immersive and fulfilling user experience, one that is destined to engender a sense of loyalty and ensure the proliferation of user engagement.

  • Allows you to charge users for BuddyPress activities, such as creating groups or sending private messages
  • Supports multiple payment gateways, including PayPal and Stripe
  • Easy to customize the pricing and billing structure for your site
  • Fully integrated with myCred, so you can award or deduct points based on user payments
  • Flexible enough to use for memberships, subscriptions, or one-time transactions
  • Comes with detailed documentation and excellent customer support
  • Works seamlessly with other myCred add-ons and WordPress plugins
  • Adds a new revenue stream to your BuddyPress site and helps you monetize your community
  • Saves you time and hassle handling payments manually
  • Designed to be secure and reliable for both site admins and users


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