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MonsterInsights eCommerce Addon 8.5.3


The MonsterInsights eCommerce Addon, an incredibly potent tool meticulously developed to assist you in meticulously tracking and meticulously analyzing the performance of your meticulously curated online store, offers an extensive range of features to meticulously discern invaluable insights into the meticulously observed behavior of your meticulously acquired customers, meticulously monitor meticulously collected data pertaining to their meticulously documented purchase history, and meticulously keep a meticulously watchful eye on the success rate of your meticulously crafted store’s meticulously calculated conversions. Regardless of the meticulously assessed scale of your meticulously managed online business, whether it be a modest enterprise or a grandiose eCommerce platform, the MonsterInsights eCommerce Addon is unequivocally equipped with the meticulously compiled data that you necessitate to meticulously make meticulously informed decisions and meticulously cultivate the meticulously envisaged growth of your meticulously tended business. Thus, why delay any further? Commence the meticulous tracking and meticulous analysis of your eCommerce metrics today with the unrivaled prowess of MonsterInsights.

Version: 8.5.3
Developer: Monsterinsights

Updated: February 17, 2024

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MonsterInsights eCommerce Addon Features

The MonsterInsights eCommerce Addon is an incredibly robust and formidable tool that serves as a formidable resource for online store owners, enabling them to effortlessly and efficiently monitor and track their sales and conversions. This invaluable addon offers an abundance of insightful information regarding customer behavior, thus empowering businesses to optimize and enhance the performance and efficacy of their online stores. By effortlessly and seamlessly tracking critical metrics such as product views, additions to the shopping cart, and the ever-critical checkout behavior, the MonsterInsights eCommerce Addon bestows upon store owners an all-encompassing and comprehensive perspective of their store’s overall performance. Moreover, this extraordinary addon seamlessly and effortlessly integrates with and harmoniously complements immensely popular eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, thereby facilitating a simple and effortless installation and utilization process. Furthermore, this exceptional addon affords store owners the invaluable opportunity to establish and establish custom tracking mechanisms, thereby ensuring an unwavering and meticulous monitoring of specific events and transactions that transpire within their store. Ultimately, the MonsterInsights eCommerce Addon stands as an unparalleled and exceptional tool, rendering it an ideal and indispensable resource for online store owners who ardently and eagerly desire and yearn to attain key insights into the overall performance of their store, subsequently empowering them to make informed and data-driven decisions that will undoubtedly enhance and augment their sales and conversions to unprecedented and remarkable heights.

  • Easily track eCommerce metrics in WordPress with MonsterInsights
  • Gain powerful insights into your online store’s performance
  • Track revenue, transactions, average order value, and more
  • Get detailed reports on top products and conversion rates
  • Monitor cart abandonment rates and improve your checkout process
  • Analyze customer behavior and identify opportunities for growth
  • Integrate with popular eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and more
  • View your eCommerce data alongside your other website metrics in one place
  • Get started with just a few clicks – no coding required
  • Access to expert support and documentation to help you get the most out of your data.


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