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Image Upload for bbPress Pro
Image Upload for bbPress Pro 2.1.26



Image Upload for bbPress Pro 2.1.26


Image Upload for bbPress Pro is a WordPress plugin that allows users to upload inline images directly into their forum comments. With the easy-to-use drag and drop image uploader users can upload, resize and edit images easily. To avoid full a storage space or a slow website, images are automatically resized. Only once users click on the image, will it get enlarged within a built-in lightbox. The size of the thumbnail, the size of the enlarged image can be customized in the WordPress dashboard. Just like which users can upload images and the amount of images uploaded to each topic and reply.

Version: 2.1.26

Developer: Divi

Updated: March 29, 2021

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Image Upload for bbPress Pro Features

Let users easily upload and edit their images into their forum comments

Once you have installed Image Upload for bbPress Pro, you will see an ‘insert image’ icon appear in the comment section. Users can simply click this and will be able to upload their images. They simply drag-and-drop their images and it will appear instantly within their comment. Since the images are inserted within the comment, they can still type and add text around them. Image Upload for bbPress Pro gives your users a lot more creative freedom when leaving comments and undoubtedly will liven up your forum. However, you wouldn’t want it to slow down your website of course. This plugin allows you set custom thumbnail sizes. You can limit which user roles can upload images, and you can limit the amount of images uploaded per topic or reply. You can set PNG and JPEG compression levels, and you can automatically downsize images to a set maximum dimension.

Store uploaded images in either local or remote locations with Image Upload for BBPres Pro

Image Upload for bbPress Pro comes with support for storage engines and comes with a dedicated Filesystem Storage. When a user uploads his or her images, it gets stored on a temporary directory on your server. When the user saves his or her post, the images will get moved to the location determined by the storage engine.

There is also a possibility to store and serve images from an Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). However, to use this feature, an add-on plugin must be purchased and installed.
But if you’re okay with the images being stored in a user-defined directory on your server, the included Filesystem Storage should work perfectly fine.

How to set up Image Upload for bbPress Pro?

Upon installing and activating the Image Upload for bbPress Pro WordPress plugin, a new menu item will appear on your WordPress dashboard. Here you will see the settings are organized in several tabs where you can configure the plugin. I will shortly go over the most important tabs.

Image storage – In this tab you can set the folder on the server in which the images will be stored. Once you’ve purchased the S3 Image Storage add-on plugin, you will also be able to configure its settings in this tab.
Limits – Here you can set all kinds of restrictions for the uploaded images. You can limit the number of images uploaded per topic or per reply. Set a maximum file size and dimensions. You could even set specific dimensions for thumbnails and images will then be automatically resized.
Image Format – In this tab you can select which image formats your images will be stored in. You can specify the compression settings and decide whether you want to allow animated to be uploaded or not.
Frontend display – Here you can choose how the plugin will be displayed to the site visitor. You can choose if you want the full TinyMCE editor and custom image dialog to show or not. In this tab you can also decide if you want the images to open in a lightbox or not.
Statistics – In this tab you will see a quick overview of the total number of images that have been uploaded. You can see how many images are being currently stored and how much of the total storage space has been used.
Translation – In this last tab, you can set custom text for default labels in the frontend of Image Upload for bbPress Pro.

  • Responsive drag-and-drop image uploader where you can insert multiple images at once.
  • Generate and insert separate thumbnail versions of uploaded images while retaining a larger version for use with the built-in lightbox.
  • Allow users to upload animated GIFs while preserving animation.
  • Change the directory where uploaded images are stored.
  • Limit which user roles are permitted to upload images.
  • Limit the number of uploaded images allowed per topic or reply.
  • Automatically downsize images to fit specified maximum dimensions.
  • Convert all uploaded images to the same image format, if desired.
  • Set PNG and JPEG compression levels so images take up less disk space.
  • Allow users to view enlarged images in a lightbox by clicking on them within the post.
  • View total image count and file size statistics.
  • Optionally, use Amazon S3™ to store and serve uploaded images in submitted forum posts


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