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Modern Events Calendar Advanced Location 1.3.2


The Modern Events Calendar Advanced Location feature serves as an ideal resource for event planners and businesses seeking to develop event pages that are both seamless and visually captivating. By leveraging this tool, users gain the ability to effortlessly incorporate diverse formats, such as addresses and coordinates, into their events, thereby guaranteeing that attendees can conveniently locate the event while simultaneously simplifying the planning process. Moreover, the Advanced Location feature facilitates advanced customization options, enabling the creation of event pages that are distinctive and engrossing. For those who aspire to elevate their event planning endeavors to new heights, the Modern Events Calendar Advanced Location feature represents the ultimate solution.

Version: 1.3.2
Developer: Webnus

Updated: October 26, 2023

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Modern Events Calendar Advanced Location Features

The Modern Events Calendar Advanced Location is truly an exceptional addition to your arsenal of event management tools, offering a plethora of remarkable features. Notably, this plugin allows you to effortlessly showcase your events on an interactive map, streamlining the process of locating your event for your esteemed attendees. What sets this plugin apart is its incorporation of Google maps, enabling seamless integration and a more immersive experience. Moreover, the inclusion of custom map markers and the ability to add an unlimited number of locations further enhances the versatility of this plugin. The user-friendly interface ensures that you can personalize every aspect of your maps, from the zoom level to the precise placement of location pins. As such, this plugin becomes an indispensable asset for event organizers seeking to elevate their attendees’ overall experience and streamline the event-finding process. On top of all these remarkable features, the ease of installation and immediate usability of the Modern Events Calendar Advanced Location truly make it a game-changer in the realm of event management. By implementing this plugin, you can effortlessly elevate your event management endeavors, guaranteeing a seamless and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

  • Add advanced location capabilities to your Modern Events Calendar.
  • Display precise location information, including latitude and longitude, for any event.
  • Use custom markers and icons to make your event locations stand out.
  • Integrate with Google Maps to provide accurate directions for your attendees.
  • Allow event organizers to easily manage multiple locations within the same event.
  • Instantly update location details if anything changes, keeping attendees in the loop.
  • Improve event planning by providing detailed location information to guests.


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