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Meta Box Frontend Submission 4.4.2


Meta Box Frontend Submission is a remarkably user-friendly and intuitively designed plugin that seamlessly enables users to effortlessly submit their valuable content directly to your esteemed website from the front-end. This exceptional plugin empowers your esteemed visitors to seamlessly generate and curate novel posts, elegantly upload various media files, and subsequently tender them for meticulous review, all in a hassle-free manner directly from the enticing and conveniently accessible front-end forms of your cherished website. This ingenious solution is an absolute paradigm of perfection for esteemed businesses and esteemed blogs that ardently desire to provide their treasured visitors with an immensely convenient and trouble-free avenue to submit their valuable content, all while obviating the need to confer backend access unto their esteemed website. Furthermore, it is noteworthy to mention that this remarkable plugin is imbued with a commendable level of unparalleled customizability and adaptability, rendering it an absolute cinch to effortlessly utilize and seamlessly integrate into the intricate framework of your illustrious and preexisting WordPress theme.

Version: 4.4.2
Developer: Meta Box

Updated: September 18, 2023

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Meta Box Frontend Submission Features

Meta Box Frontend Submission is a highly user-friendly and intuitive WordPress plugin that serves the purpose of enabling website visitors to conveniently and seamlessly submit their desired content directly from the frontend interface of a website. This remarkable plugin empowers users by providing them with the ability to effortlessly generate and customize a wide array of personalized forms, complete with an extensive range of field options, including but not limited to text, checkboxes, and even file uploads, subsequently enabling them to effortlessly allocate and assign these forms to specific post types. In addition to these incredible features, the plugin also boasts a plethora of advanced functionalities, such as conditional logic, validation rules, and comprehensive spam protection mechanisms, thereby guaranteeing that only pertinent and valid content is submitted into the system. Moreover, the plugin further enhances the overall user experience by offering robust content review and approval processes, thus ensuring that administrators retain full control and authority over the content that ultimately gets published on their website. Consequently, it becomes abundantly clear that Meta Box Frontend Submission equips websites with an exceptional and unparalleled toolset, thereby empowering them to actively engage with their audience and actively foster their audience’s ability to contribute and participate in the vibrant content creation process that takes place on the site.

  • Allows users to create and submit content from the frontend of your website
  • Fully customizable submission forms to match your website’s design
  • Option to restrict submissions to logged-in users only
  • Ability to set submission requirements such as image uploads or required fields
  • Supports multiple content types including posts, pages, and custom post types
  • Notifications sent to admin or user upon successful submission
  • Simple and intuitive user interface for easy content creation and submission
  • Compatibility with popular page builders and WordPress themes
  • Developer friendly with hooks and filters for customization
  • Regular updates and support from the plugin team.


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