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MemberPress Importer 1.6.18


The MemberPress Importer, an incredibly robust tool specifically engineered to facilitate and streamline the intricate procedure of importing data into your esteemed MemberPress Membership site, proves to be an invaluable asset. Equipped with the unparalleled capacity to import users, memberships, transactions, and an array of other essential components, this revolutionary plugin serves to expedite the process, thereby affording you the luxury of time. Moreover, its user-friendly nature and unwavering support from the esteemed MemberPress team guarantee the utmost accuracy and efficiency in the importation of your data, thus obliterating any room for error. Whether you find yourself in the midst of a migration from an alternative membership platform or are simply grappling with the need to import data in bulk, the MemberPress Importer undeniably stands as the quintessential solution to your conundrum.

Version: 1.6.18
Developer: Memberpress

Updated: December 13, 2023

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MemberPress Importer Features

The MemberPress Importer, a highly effective software tool, has been specifically developed to facilitate the seamless and convenient importation of membership data. By utilizing this exceptional tool, individuals can effortlessly transfer membership data from various sources, including CSV files, into their MemberPress membership site. The utilization of the MemberPress Importer not only saves valuable time, but also significantly reduces the effort and resources required for this task. Consequently, business owners are able to allocate their energies toward more critical aspects of their enterprise, such as augmenting their membership base and maximizing revenue generation. Whether an entrepreneur operating a small-scale venture or a large-scale organization, the MemberPress Importer serves as an indispensable asset, enabling the streamlining of membership processes and the subsequent enhancement of financial performance.

  • Easily import members and user data into MemberPress
  • Supports various file formats including CSV and Excel
  • Can import custom fields and metadata associated with users
  • Allows you to map fields from your source file to the appropriate fields in MemberPress
  • Preview and review imported data before finalizing the import
  • Automatic duplicate detection and handling
  • Effortlessly import large amounts of data with batch processing
  • Works seamlessly with MemberPress and other WordPress plugins
  • Regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress and MemberPress versions
  • Extensive documentation and support for assistance with any issues or questions.


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