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MemberPress Downloads 1.2.15


MemberPress Downloads is an exceedingly potent and remarkably user-friendly add-on for the MemberPress plugin, which presents you with the unparalleled opportunity to vouchsafe the sales of an array of digital products, encompassing ebooks, music, software, or any other variety of downloadable file, to the esteemed visitors of your website. By availing yourself of the remarkable functionalities of MemberPress Downloads, you are able to conceive and curate pages dedicated solely to the purpose of facilitating the download of your products, duly establish and configure payment gateways, adroitly administer both orders and subscriptions, and even proffer enticing discounts and coupons to your discerning clientele. What is even more remarkable is the seamless integration of this indispensable tool with the MemberPress membership plugin, which empowers you with the effortless ability to effortlessly dispense your coveted downloads to both your esteemed members and non-members alike.

Version: 1.2.15
Developer: Memberpress

Updated: February 24, 2024

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MemberPress Downloads Features

MemberPress Downloads is a highly efficient and potent tool, specifically designed to empower website owners with seamless capabilities in the realms of selling and distributing digital products to their esteemed members. This exceptional plugin facilitates a swift and hassle-free process of uploading files, configuring pricing structures, determining access levels, and even allowing real-time monitoring of sales and downloads. With the utmost emphasis on security, members can confidently and securely purchase and download their desired digital products from your website, while you, as the website owner, maintain absolute authority over the distribution and pricing dynamics. Regardless of the nature of your digital products – be it eBooks, music, software, or any other genre – the remarkable functionality of MemberPress Downloads ensures effortless monetization of your content and supports the exponential growth of your entrepreneurial endeavors.

  • MemberPress Downloads is a powerful tool that allows you to sell digital products or services on your WordPress website
  • With MemberPress Downloads, you can easily create custom download packages for your customers, and offer them different pricing plans
  • This plugin also allows you to restrict the download access based on membership levels or specific users, ensuring that only qualified customers get access to your digital files
  • MemberPress Downloads comes with a simple and intuitive user interface, allowing you to manage your downloads with ease
  • You can also track your downloads and sales statistics using the built-in reporting tools, giving you valuable insights into your business performance
  • MemberPress Downloads is fully integrated with MemberPress, a popular WordPress membership plugin, making it easy to manage your products and memberships from a single platform
  • Whether you are selling ebooks, software, music, or any other type of digital product, MemberPress Downloads is the perfect solution for your online business needs.


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