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MemberPress Corporate Accounts 1.5.33


The MemberPress Corporate Accounts is an all-encompassing membership management system that has been intricately designed to enhance the user experience for corporate clients. This incredible software facilitates businesses in effortlessly administering their employees’ ability to access and utilize company resources, which include but are not limited to files, documents, and other crucial data. Of utmost significance, this exceptional product proffers an array of potent features, such as the provision of customizable membership levels, a plethora of group management tools, and an assortment of highly effective billing options. Consequently, the MemberPress Corporate Accounts empowers businesses with the indispensable apparatuses they require to deftly oversee their employees’ accessibility to restricted content in a truly efficient manner. Moreover, with an intuitively simplistic interface and effortlessly navigable features, this software stands as the ideal solution for businesses spanning across all dimensions, who ardently desire to ameliorate their membership management processes.

Version: 1.5.33
Developer: Memberpress

Updated: February 24, 2024

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MemberPress Corporate Accounts Features

Introducing MemberPress Corporate Accounts, an incredibly robust membership management solution that has been specifically crafted to cater to the needs of businesses and organizations alike. This exceptional software empowers you to effortlessly handle multiple users and memberships, establish personalized pricing structures and access levels, and automate the entire billing and invoicing process. Boasting an array of advanced features and sporting an intuitive interface, MemberPress Corporate Accounts simplifies the creation of a flawlessly seamless membership experience for your valued customers, all while bolstering the financial performance of your enterprise. Whether you find yourself tasked with managing a modest team or a sprawling organization, rest assured that this formidable tool possesses all the necessary capabilities to streamline your membership management procedures and propel your business toward unprecedented growth and success. Therefore, if you are truly eager to elevate the status of your membership program to uncharted heights, make the audacious decision to give MemberPress Corporate Accounts a test drive today!

  • Manage multiple members in one account
  • Assign specific roles and permissions to each member
  • Batch import and export member data
  • Customize branding and messaging for each corporate account
  • Set up automatic billing and invoicing for company-wide memberships
  • Create detailed reports on account usage and activity
  • Offer tiered pricing for different levels of access and usage
  • Enable seamless communication and collaboration among account members


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