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Mediabay WordPress Media Library Folders 1.4


Mediabay, a remarkable WordPress plugin, greatly augments your media library, permitting you to meticulously categorize your files into distinct folders for effortless and efficient management. Through the utilization of Mediabay, you possess the ability to effortlessly generate, rename, and eliminate folders, as well as seamlessly relocate files between folders, all accomplished with just a few swift clicks. Moreover, this exceptional plugin encompasses a robust search and filtering mechanism, ensuring a seamless process of locating the precise image, video, or document you seek. Bid farewell to a disordered and chaotic media library and usher in a new era of effortless organization with the unparalleled capabilities of Mediabay.

Version: 1.4
Developer: Codecanyon

Updated: June 4, 2023

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Mediabay WordPress Media Library Folders Features

Mediabay WordPress Media Library Folders is an incredibly robust and efficient tool that greatly enhances the management of media in WordPress, providing a heightened level of organization and ease. By utilizing this exceptional plugin, users have the ability to effortlessly create distinguished folders within their media library, effectively categorizing their images, videos, and various other files based on their personal preferences and desired classifications. This invaluable feature drastically eliminates the chaos and disorder that often plagues an unorganized media library, ultimately resulting in substantial time and energy savings when searching for specific files as needed. Furthermore, the extraordinary capabilities of Mediabay WordPress Media Library Folders extend beyond simple categorization, as users are also afforded the convenience of uploading multiple files simultaneously, an incredibly convenient and time-efficient feature. Moreover, the plugin enables seamless file and folder management, allowing users to effortlessly maneuver, rename, or delete files and folders as desired. Undoubtedly, this plugin is an absolute necessity for those who heavily rely on media files within their WordPress websites, as it flawlessly streamlines and optimizes the entire media management process.

  • Organize your WordPress media library with folders
  • Save time and frustration with easy access to your media files
  • Drag and drop files into folders for efficient organization
  • Create unlimited folders to suit your specific needs
  • Keep your media library tidy and clutter-free
  • Find the files you need quickly with streamlined organization
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme and plugin
  • No coding or technical expertise required
  • Improve your website’s efficiency with organized media files
  • Receive updates and support from a team of dedicated developers.


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