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Media Grid Overlay Manager Add-on 2.1


The Media Grid Overlay Manager Add-on, which is an incredibly robust tool, offers users the ability to incorporate visually captivating overlays onto their images and videos within the Media Grid plugin. By utilizing this add-on, individuals can effortlessly generate and personalize an infinite number of overlays, resulting in a media grid that possesses a level of professionalism and uniqueness that is unparalleled. This add-on is highly compatible with a wide range of overlay types, including text, icons, buttons, and more, making it the ideal choice for individuals such as designers, photographers, bloggers, and anyone else seeking to elevate the visual appeal of their media grid. Waste no time and acquire the Media Grid Overlay Manager Add-on today to propel your media grid to new heights!

Version: 2.1
Developer: Codecanyon

Updated: November 3, 2023

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Media Grid Overlay Manager Add-on Features

The Media Grid Overlay Manager, an imperative add-on for individuals desiring to amplify their website’s media content, presents an opportunity for users to conveniently tailor and administer the overlay effects of their media grid, thereby rendering it more captivating and aesthetically pleasing. Boasting a plethora of options for overlay effects, such as hover effects, captions, and lightboxes, this add-on facilitates customization to the minutest details, encompassing color, font, and size adjustments, thus ensuring a harmonious alignment with the website’s branding. Furthermore, the exceptional compatibility of the Media Grid Overlay Manager with an extensive array of WordPress themes, coupled with its user-friendly installation and usage, renders it an indispensable asset. Through the utilization of this add-on, website owners can effortlessly elevate the prominence of their media content and engender an enhanced user experience for their esteemed visitors.

  • Seamlessly manage media grid overlays on your website
  • Simple drag-and-drop interface for adding and editing overlays
  • Customize overlay size, color, opacity, and animation
  • Easily add text or image overlays to your media grid
  • Control which media items have overlays and where they appear on the grid
  • Save and reuse your custom overlay designs for a consistent look across your site
  • Show or hide overlays on demand for a clean, uncluttered display
  • Compatible with popular media grid plugins for Wordpress and other content management systems
  • Full support and updates from our expert team


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