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MainWP Clone 4.0.3


MainWP Clone, an incredibly user-friendly WordPress plugin, offers the seamless ability to effortlessly clone your MainWP website to an alternative location or server. By just a mere few clicks, you can effortlessly generate an identical replica of your website, encompassing all the intricate configurations, plugins, and themes. This remarkably robust tool proves to be an impeccable solution for developers, designers, and website owners aiming to expeditiously and effectively replicate their online platforms. Optimize your productivity and minimize your exertion by harnessing the remarkable capabilities of MainWP Clone.

Version: 4.0.3
Developer: Main WP

Updated: June 28, 2022

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MainWP Clone Features

MainWP Clone, an exceptionally potent software tool, empowers you to swiftly replicate your MainWP dashboard alongside all its associated settings and configurations onto an alternative site within a matter of minutes. With the aid of this extraordinary software, not only can you conveniently generate a backup of your MainWP site, but you can also effortlessly transfer it to an alternative server or domain without the arduous task of commencing everything anew. The software’s installation and utilization are both undemanding, and it boasts an array of robust features that render it the quintessential tool for anyone seeking to create a duplicate of their MainWP site. Whether you find yourself in the role of a web developer or a website proprietor, rest assured that MainWP Clone is an indispensable tool that you would be remiss to overlook.

  • Safely replicate your MainWP instance to another location or server
  • Easy and efficient transfer of your MainWP setup to a new hosting provider
  • Quick restoration of your MainWP instance in case of data loss or server failure
  • Fully customizable cloning options to fit your specific needs
  • Automated cloning process that saves you time and hassle
  • Secure cloning process that keeps sensitive data protected
  • Compatibility with a wide range of hosting providers and server configurations
  • Dedicated support team available to assist with any questions or issues


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