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Lightbox Pro 5.1.3


The Lightbox Pro, a highly versatile and efficient tool designed specifically for photographers and filmmakers, provides exceptional lighting capabilities. Boasting LED lights, this portable device delivers a natural and illuminating light that is both gentle and intense, offering an unparalleled lighting experience. Furthermore, users can easily customize the brightness settings to cater to any given situation, making it an ideal choice for professionals working in any environment, be it a studio or a remote location. With its streamlined and user-friendly interface, the Lightbox Pro effortlessly enhances the precision and convenience of lighting subjects, making it an absolute must-have for individuals seeking to elevate their photography and videography endeavors.

Version: 5.1.3
Developer: Meow Apps

Updated: February 6, 2024

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Lightbox Pro Features

Lightbox Pro, an innovative tool, caters to the needs of photographers, graphic designers, and artists seeking to present their creations in the most optimal manner. This exceptional product boasts a portable and user-friendly design, ensuring that you can effortlessly exhibit your artwork, jewelry, or any other small objects through the use of a lightbox. The Lightbox Pro includes dazzling LED lights, which offer consistent illumination, effectively eliminating the presence of unsightly shadows or bothersome glare. Moreover, it is equipped with adjustable brightness settings, providing you with the ability to tailor the lighting to your specific requirements. Remarkably, this collapsible and lightweight product facilitates easy transportation and setup, allowing you to utilize it in any location of your choosing. Additionally, compatibility with both smartphones and cameras ensures that regardless of the device you employ, the outcomes will consistently be awe-inspiring. Whether you are engaged in online sales or seeking to exhibit your extensive portfolio, the Lightbox Pro serves as an impeccable solution for elevating your photography endeavors to unprecedented heights.

  • Professional-grade lightbox for optimal lighting conditions
  • Ideal for product photography, art reproduction, and creative projects
  • Features dimmable LED lights for customizable brightness
  • Includes adjustable side panels for precise light control
  • Compatible with DSLR cameras for easy photo capture
  • Lightweight and portable for on-the-go photo shoots
  • Made with durable and high-quality materials for long-lasting use
  • Easy to set up and use, with intuitive controls for the perfect lighting setup.


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