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LearnPress Instructor Commission 4.0.0


The LearnPress Instructor Commission is an incredibly robust and invaluable tool that empowers educators and trainers to lucratively profit from their tireless efforts and dedication. This revolutionary product grants instructors the seamless capability to meticulously monitor and analyze their commission earnings on an individual course basis, while concurrently affording them the unparalleled flexibility to establish disparate commission rates for each distinct course they offer. Furthermore, this exceptional tool also seamlessly enables instructors to effectively govern and supervise their own network of affiliates. Its unparalleled ease of use and unparalleled versatility render it an indispensable asset for anyone seeking to expertly capitalize on the burgeoning potential of their online educational enterprise. We strongly urge you to seize this remarkable opportunity today and commence reaping the bountiful rewards of your unwavering perseverance and dedication.

Version: 4.0.0
Developer: Learnpress

Updated: October 22, 2021

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LearnPress Instructor Commission Features

The LearnPress Instructor Commission tool offers instructors an innovative and lucrative opportunity to earn commissions for the courses they create and manage on the LearnPress platform. By utilizing this plugin, instructors gain the ability to establish their own commission rate, allowing them to earn a portion of the course price each time a student purchases one of their courses. The commission itself is calculated based on the specific price of the course, offering instructors the ability to track their earnings and payouts in real-time through a comprehensive and interactive dashboard. This groundbreaking tool not only benefits instructors by providing them with a means to monetize their expertise and knowledge, but it also offers a win-win situation for the platform as a whole. By incentivizing instructors to produce high-quality courses and attract more students, the LearnPress Instructor Commission tool generates substantial revenue for the platform, contributing to its continued success and growth. Ultimately, this tool serves as a catalyst for instructors to share their expertise with students worldwide, allowing them to acquire new skills and achieve their educational aspirations.

  • Allows instructors to earn commissions on their course sales
  • Easy to set up and configure
  • Flexible commission rate options
  • Provides comprehensive reporting and analytics features
  • Seamless integration with LearnPress LMS
  • Helps instructors monetize their expertise
  • Encourages course creation and engagement
  • Increases instructor motivation and satisfaction
  • Can be a valuable source of passive income for instructors
  • Great for educational institutions, businesses, or individual teachers


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