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LearnPress Announcements Addon 4.0.1


The LearnPress Announcements Addon, an immensely potent tool, grants teachers and administrators the ability to generate and control announcements for their virtual courses. Through the utilization of this addon, one can effortlessly relay vital information to their students, such as imminent due dates, course revisions, and other noteworthy updates. Moreover, this addon boasts user-friendliness and an array of customization options, enabling the creation of announcements that exude a professional aura, perfectly tailored to meet one’s specific requirements. Whether one is engrossed in the task of instructing an online course or undertaking the management of a sprawling educational institution, the LearnPress Announcements Addon serves as an indispensable tool, guaranteeing organizational efficiency and the constant dissemination of pertinent knowledge to the students.

Version: 4.0.1
Developer: Learnpress

Updated: May 30, 2021

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LearnPress Announcements Addon Features

The LearnPress Announcements Addon, characterized by its immense power, serves as a valuable tool that possesses the capability to effectively facilitate communication between instructors and their students. By means of this remarkable addon, instructors can effortlessly create and dispatch announcements to their entire student body simultaneously, thereby ensuring that they are kept well-informed regarding crucial updates, impending deadlines, and any other modifications pertaining to the course. Moreover, this addon further permits instructors to diligently schedule announcements in advance, thus empowering them to devise a comprehensive communication strategy and guaranteeing that their students receive pertinent and timely information. Regardless of whether the instructional environment is conducted virtually or in a traditional brick-and-mortar setting, the LearnPress Announcements Addon stands poised to vastly enhance communication and engagement, ultimately culminating in improved learning outcomes for students.

  • Adds announcement functionality to LearnPress plugin
  • Allows instructors to communicate important course updates and messages to students
  • Provides a user-friendly interface for creating and managing announcements
  • Allows instructors to schedule announcements to go live at specific times
  • Option to send announcement notifications to students via email or on-site notifications
  • Helps improve communication and engagement between instructors and students
  • Compatible with latest version of LearnPress and WordPress
  • Constantly updated for bug fixes and new features
  • Comes with dedicated support team for any issues or questions


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